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Behavior Problems

Dogs with B-problems or dogs that help.
Behavior Problems? We'll help you out!
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November 18 , 2007

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Excessive barking is not only annoying to you; it's bothersome for others as well.

Jumping up on the door to be let in should be discouraged.

Agression toward other dogs could be triggered by territorial guarding or jealousy.

Positive training works best-it's how Treader learned this neat trick!

Since the crate should be a good place, you should never use crate time as a punishment.

Dogs should not jump up to greet anyone.

Treats are not the only thing that you can use as a reward. Toys can work too. Some dogs are toy motivated, some are treat motivated, and some are both.

Commands that tell a dog to go to it's crate or bed, such as "kennel!" or "bed!", can be useful when you need your dog to stay in one place.

Dogs can live peaceable with cats (as our backround illustrates). You just have to have them intorduced to a cat (one that is not afraid of dogs) at a young age.

Your dog's behavior depends on how you raise it.

Your dog should leave your things alone, period.

When a dog gives you this kind of look after you find an accident, they aren't sorry that they did it; they just don't want you to punish them.

Your dog looks to YOU for leadership. If you do not fill in that role, your dog will.

One way to make your dog think of it's crate as a good thing is to feed it there.

Marking is part of a dog's instinct. So long as he ONLY does it outside, do not try to stop your dog from marking. If he does it inside, you might need a "belly band", as discouraging him will rarely stop the behavior.

You should NEVER allow your dog to wander around off-leash without close supervision and a very, very obedient dog. Not only will wandering off leash put him in danger of getting hurt, it will give him a chance to cause mischeif, and - if not altered - pr

A nervous dog may bite out of fear. Always make sure that your dog fully trusts you before training it.

Hyper dogs like Jack Russells are harder to train because of a shoter attention span. Keep their training sessions short 'n' sweet! In fact, that's good advice with any dog!

We should treat all dog just like we do ourselves kind and with respect and even with the smallest and cutest pups!

Having a well-behaved dog is simple: start them out the righ way from the beginning. Of course, even an untrained full-grown dog can be taught, but it sticks with them much better if it is done while the dog is still young.

Is your dog tearing things up or running across the house a lot? Give it more exercise. High energy dogs require high energy owners!

Teaching your dog games like Hide and seek (hide treats and try to get your dog to find them) is not only exercises the dog mentally too!

Toys like Kongs can help keep a dog from boredom when you have to go somewhere without the dog.


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