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*~All About Agility~*

Dogs and agility!
Agility dogs galore! Welcome!
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August 20 , 2007

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Even small dogs can jump high!

Dog agility supplies . . . The A-Frame, a long, sturdy board, any colour, with yellow contact points at the beginning and the end that the dog must touch with it's back paws.

The Tunnel, the dog must run through the tunnel, without hesitating or turning back.

The weaves, about six, long posts the dog must manuever its way through going in and out trying hard not to miss or skip any.

The Chute, An obstacle similar to the tunnel but with a sheet-type fabric attached, the dog must run or walk through it without turning around, getting lost or stuck, or hesitating.

The dog walk, A long skinny board attached to other boards to make a long walkway, the dog must walk up the ramp ensuring to touch the contact point and walk across to the other side carefully without jumping off or falling.

The tire, A small round tire the dogs will have to jump through. You will get faults if your dog hesitates or if your dog trips on it while jumping.

The Pause box/table, In some agility competitions and shows there will be a small table which is called the pause box, or pause table. The dog must jump ontop and lay down until the count of usually three or five.

The jump, In agility you will see many jumps, the dog has to jump over these hurdels without knocking any bars down or hesitating to jump.

The teeter totter, in agility, there is an obstacle called the seesaw or teeter totter. The dog has to touch the contact points in the beginning and at the end. The dog is supposed to stop in the middle and wait for the seesaw to fall down.

Clyde on the A-frame

Lollipop and Dottie's Jumping fun!

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