Dusty diagnosed with Cushing's

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Well to add to add to this poor dog's list of problems, he now has cushing's disease. The alk phos level was 943, so we did the 8 hour test which came back with level of 15.3 So, of course the treatment is with Trilostant. Oh dear, I don't like that medicine. Side effects aren't good. Any ideas, info., or any natural ways to help this?

Thanks, Monica

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Hopefully someone can give you some advice. My Aunt's Chihuahua had Cushings. She lived a long time with it with the treatment. Good Luck!
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I'm sorry to hear about Dusty. Do they know what type of cushings he has? I have heard of Trilostane being used to treat Cushings though. Does he have to take it every day? Are you able to hide it or trick him into taking it?