puppy pottty traning advice

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Hello All,
I have been trying to potty train my pup using the bell method. Shes around 4 months old. Shes suppose to ring the bell when she wants to go out. To get into my apartment there are stairs to get to the main area so this requires her to go down the stairs and ring the bell. The bell is on the door handle. She has only rung it once and seems to be scared of the bell. Any tips for training her on how she can let me know when she needs to go out? I have been doing the bell method for about two weeks. She is good about going on a potty pad, but am trying to phase them out. She also goes outside in the morning and evening, but before bed time she usually has to go but it can vary the time she needs to go. Any other advice or tips?

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I trained my dog to ring a bell. I am wondering if your pup is a little afraid of the stairs or if the door is too far away from where you are. I would try hanging the bell on a different door or place where it is easier for them to get to. It can still be the signal that they need to go potty. If you think the dog is scared of the bell then maybe try a smaller one that isn't so noisy? I just have a small brass bell tied to a ribbon for my dog. I would take the pup, hit her paw against the bell to ring it and then immediately take it out to potty. Lots of praise when it goes potty. Take her out every hour and do this same thing. I bet before long they will ring the bell on it's own. I would do away with the potty pads and just go for the outside method! My personal opinion...... Good luck!smile

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Totally agree with taking her out often whether she rings the bell or not. It will give her more opportunities to practice going outside instead of inside on the puppy pads. She'll have a hard time ringing the bell to go potty if she doesn't think the door needs to be open for her to go.
When I first got Arya, I was taking her out every couple of hours no matter what and walking her around until she at least went pee, then a little longer to make sure she didn't associate peeing with having to go back inside. She's getting the hang of it and goes to the door when she needs to go out. She's just starting to learn that she needs to tell me to open the door, and I'm thinking about bell training too. :o


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I tried the bell method before and my pup just rang the bell until he managed to tear it down and proceeded to run around the house with it. I think it depends on the dog, because he prefers to loiter by the door and bark to get let out. If you're really into the bell, maybe get a smaller one? Also, you can ring the bell yourself when you take him out to the bathroom, he will then associate the bell with the door opening for the bathroom (and not a scary monster making the sound wink)

I think the key is to take your dog out as much as possible to teach your dog that the bathroom is outside. Next I try to identify the "I need to go" signs, such as leaving a toy to get up and prowl around. The prowling is usually a dead give away and I've also noticed that if he starts to go crazy (jumping, running around, nipping and other attention getting behaviour) he probably has to go.

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What I've done with Ambrosia and with my former dog Walter was when I took them out, I'd take their paw and hit it. "Good girl/boy, let's go outside!" and treat then take them outside. If they associate bell with treat AND door opening to go potty, you're good. Probably no more fear.

I would suggest getting more of them and keeping the puppy confined in a room with you with a bell available - all of them looking alike. That will help.