Flexi-lead rant

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I\\\'ll do- anything for a- treat!
Barked: Thu May 9, '13 10:38am PST 
What is with all the dogs on flexis lately?

Twice in one day I had to brake for dogs that ran out right in front of my car while their owners were walking them! I don't understand why they don't shorten the leash when they're walking on the sidewalk.

Then I saw another dog (the following day) chase after a bike and nearly trip up the cyclist. I understand these these things could happen with a regular leash too (well, not the running out into traffic-the leash wouldn't be long enough) but it's like the owners using the flexis don't realize where their dog is until it's too late.

Please, if you use a flexi-leash, keep it to a 4-6 ft length while walking down busy streets. Otherwise, it's like you're dog is off-leash.

More Bored- Collies
Barked: Thu May 9, '13 10:49am PST 
They're EVERYWHERE here.
Just a few weeks back, a little poodle snapped hers and took off down the street.
Hit by a car, but last I heard he was okay.

Months before that Cobain and Rigby were ambushed by this dog that had an owner clearly oblivious of the LOCK function of the leash.

And daily we see a large Lab mix constantly at the end of the line with a prong collar on.

From what I understand, they are technically a violation of leash laws. At least around here, the leash is supposed to be no longer than 6ft.

While I have no issues with the proper use of these leashes, I've yet to see one used properly.
Iris vom- Zauberberg

Service Werewolf
Barked: Thu May 9, '13 11:02am PST 
It must be the warming temperatures and more people out walking their dogs. The other morning, we were cornered up on our porch by a dog on a long flexi walking by. The owner couldn't roll in the cord fast enough to keep his dog from running up onto our porch.

This has happened before. You'd think this person would have his dog on a shorter leash in area where they'd had a negative encounter previously.

I would love to see the flexi used properly.


Where can I run- today?
Barked: Thu May 9, '13 11:05am PST 
We used to use them for letting the dogs wade in the creek when we lived the next town over and had to walk there (we have a creek on our own property now so no need anymore). On the way to/from there I either used their regular 6ft leashes, OR I left the flexi in the locked position at about 5ft. I definitely don't feel it's a good idea to allow such a wide range of motion...plus I just don't like walking the dogs on them if I don't have to, they seem flimsy to me. Either way I haven't used them at all since we moved since we have our own private portion of the creek now -- and where we live now there are no sidewalks but I still see lots of people walking down the middle of the road with their flexis all the way stretched out. It's a quiet, slow neighborhood but there are a few blind turns. Definitely doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

Miss- Pig!
Barked: Thu May 9, '13 11:34am PST 
I'm always amazed that anyone would find them difficult to use. Like, where is the difficulty in locking the lead while you walk along roads?

I've always used one on Missy. It gives her an extra bit of freedom when we're walking around dogs, because obviously she can't be off around them. When we pass by dogs in close proximity, i reel her in and either lock the lead or just keep my finger on the button until we've passed. She doesn't pull on it and she doesn't pull when swapped over to a regular lead either.

Personally, i've never experienced any problems or seen anyone else use one irresponsibly, but i know people must do so regularly.

I dig in mud- puddles!
Barked: Thu May 9, '13 11:48am PST 
I see them being used semi-regularly and I can't recall seeing anyone use one correctly.

Our last encounter ended with a small dog aggressively charging Rexy and getting in her face because his clueless owner couldn't figure out how to lock the darn flexi! And then he had the nerve to ask what was wrong with our dog when she objected to having a rude dog in her face... naughty

It's to the point now where if I see a dog on a flexi we either make a detour or just turn around and go somewhere else.

Noms for the- pug...
Barked: Thu May 9, '13 11:53am PST 
Wow, that is ridiculous and very dangerous for those dogs!

I used to use a Flexi for Capone but I always kept it short when we were walking down the sidewalk. Then when we got to a grassy area, I could let it out for him to explore a bit and reel him back in when it was time to move on. I cannot even imagine doing some of the things you all are describing. I would be terrified for my dog's safety.
Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Thu May 9, '13 11:57am PST 
My favorite flexi lead experience was a guy with a golden retriever. The guy was riding his bike, holding the flexi with two fingers... And talking on his cell phone. He was riding so slowly the bike was about to tip over... And he was riding next to the dog park. I was leaving and didn't hang around long enough to see what happened. Kinda wish I did now!

Do you even- lift?
Barked: Thu May 9, '13 12:25pm PST 
I'm always seeing small dogs on them when I go to the outdoor mall. The owners are inevitably not watching their dog, so it charges over to mine, often barking and growling. I can't understand needing that much leash in an area like that to start with (I use a six foot lead, but always have it cinched up way closer than six feet in crowded areas), and if people are going to insist on giving their dog 15 feet of lead, at the very least pay some attention to what the dog is doing.

I prefer a long line when I'm in need of a lot of leash so the dog can drag it, but that's only for things like camping, hiking, lakes, beach, ect. if I have a dog I don't trust off lead. I can see how a Flexi would be useful in some situations, but I prefer to just use a regular six foot in those instances.

I love sitting- in laps
Barked: Thu May 9, '13 3:11pm PST 
I always wonder how people use those things with dogs over 50lbs. There's no control there whatsoever and if you have to reel your big dog in quickly and the dog is pulling, good luck.

When I take Moose to the trails and he's on the 20ft lead, (it's a 1/2 inch wide canvas lead that I can wrap around my hand without the fear of it cutting through my skin when I reel Moose in) I reel him in pretty quickly, pretty easily.
But, when I see these people with medium sized to large sized dogs using the flexi, I just don't see how they have control. If control is needed, that is.
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