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We rescued a female collie type about 6 weeks ago and brought her home to our border collie mix. For the most part Mollie[rescue] and Lila get along peacfully. Molly is passive and Lila herds her. Lila wants Molly to play and molly does not know how. Molly is very food motivated, she was skin and bones. Molly has decided that she wants to sleep in Lila's bed. So far Lila does not get too upset since we have to physically remove Molly and out put her in her own bed. They both sleep in our bedroom yet Molly spends most of the day in her bed which is also an issue and only comes out to eat and go for her walks. How can we help Molly to interact with us and Lila more and get her out of Lila's bed permanently. Is Molly just scared of Lila? Will this eventually work out? She is a LOT better now then when we first brought her home. She had been abused and rescued to a shelter and was on the kill list. She has had a terrible life.We really love her but need some advice.
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Just be patient and give her time to come around. some dogs take longer then others to come around
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Molly is probably laying around a lot because she's tired, simple I know. When I first got Jewel she was on the skinny side and it took a while for her to get her energy back.

Is there a reason why you feel you have to move her out of Lila's bed if Lila isn't upset about it? Molly may find her bed more comforting because of the smell. Could Lila sleep in the other bed and maybe once she gets it smelling all homey Molly would sleep there or just let them pick their own beds if it's not a big deal to them.

Do you know how old Molly is? If she's youngish I would just wait for her energy to come back and for her to feel safe. I would stash treats in every room of the house so you can reward her for little things like coming towards you or looking at you etc. Don't go all crazy yelling with praise as that may scare her, just a soft tone, slow movements and a treat.

Believe me, I've fostered a couple Rez dogs, dogs can become totally new dogs if given the chance. Some of them have an amazing ability to just let go of the past once they realize how great their new life is going to be.

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I agree with Jewel.

I've rescued both my dogs. The more recent one. The Great Dear Older Lady, Sweet Caroline (10) came from a kill shelter. She was way underweight at ~35 or something lbs. She showed 0 interest in jake at the meet and greet at the shelter. didn't surprise me he had 0 interest in her too. Took her home anyway.

Except for the fact that she was in and out of the vet a lot after I first got her for that initial week. All Sweetie did for two weeks was sleep. I mean all she did was sleep. then eat when food was presented. Got up for walks if I moved her leash and called. But otherwise SLEEP was the name of the game for her.

Then kind of like magic a new dog started to appear to me. A dog that barked for 15 minutes when i left home everyday. A dog that greeted me at the door. A dog that suddenly decided my bed was going to be her bed and my body pillow was now her sleeping place. She even showed me she understood some commands. Sit, Stay, down, paw...

I will have had her for i believe 5 weeks come tomorrow @ 2:30pm. And everyday is a new day for her and she's well into her golden years if you know what i mean.

She and jake finally started interacting about a week or so ago. I think i posted about their playtime.

You can't rush it.

The bed thing. Well i don't have much experience in it. I mean Jake has his wicker basket that he sleeps in most nights that faces my bed. Sweetie sleeps on a toddler mattress next to my bed. I've never seen her take any interest in getting inside his wicker basket but i've seen them both chill on the toddler bed and they push each other over for who gets to lay in my spot once i get up for work in the morning. I woudln't read too deep into keeping beds seperate unless it starts to bother your other dog. My grandma's dogs shared their beds all the time with no issues.

Sweetie seemed interested in me after day 5-6. But started sleeping on my bed and invading my space after a week or so. each dog is different and comes around in their own good time. Just wait for it. big grin

It's pretty magical when the dog decides it's ready to let you into it's life. And that's coming from someone who's used to instant results since the first boy i rescued loved me from the moment we first met through the chain link fenced kennel at the shelter. But he's an entirely different ball of fun then sweetie.

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Thank you to those that responded. Someone asked how old Molly is ,we think she is 4 or 5 and she has had puppies somewhere along the way. She really gets frightened when a dog barks, tail between her legs, ears back and runs like crazy. Lila is 4, we adopted her from Petfinder when she was a puppy. Molly's main goal in life is to eat and be petted. We love her dearly and would never give her up no matter what, she has had a miserable life up until now and deserves some care and loving as do all dogs I might add.