Right age to Neuter?

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Barked: Thu Apr 11, '13 7:08pm PST 
My Siberian husky is 3 months old, and I have heard many different things about the "right" age to neuter. My vet said as soon as he can get to their balls he can do it, but it is best to wait until they are about 6 months because that is when they are about done growing and the hormones are good for growth. But I have also heard that the sooner the better. Do any of you have any advice on the matter? Thank you dog lovers!!

Barked: Thu Apr 11, '13 7:14pm PST 
There is no "right" age in my mind. I will not neuter a dog unless it is 100% medically necessary to save his life. It is a lot easier to contain and train an intact male than a lot of people let on, and neutering is not the "quick fix" many make it out to be for various reasons.
That said, if you are set on neutering, wait until he is done growing both physically and mentally. Neutering before the dog is fully grown has negative more negative effects than "good". It varies from breed, but I generally say around 2 years or so for most dogs.
If the only reason for neutering is to prevent unwanted pregnancies, either learn how to contain him, or get a vasectomy.

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Barked: Thu Apr 11, '13 7:42pm PST 
I agree, there is no right age to neuter a dog but there is a safe age for humans to neuter their dogs. And that would be as they reach about eight weeks of age. Some owners would choose to spay their female dogs while they are in heat but that's not really advisable. This is because a dog that's in heat may be at risk for increased blood loss.

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Barked: Thu Apr 11, '13 7:54pm PST 
8 weeks?!? Never ever in a million years would I ever neuter so early. I agree with Conker, I don't get it done unless there's, some pressing medical need. For you if you wish to do it OP, I would recommend waiting til after his first birthday so you know he's stopped growing.

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Barked: Thu Apr 11, '13 8:35pm PST 
Ideally the dog should be physically and mentally mature before being neutered. That age will vary from dog to dog. Generally speaking, the larger the breed, the longer the dog will take to mature. Sibes are a medium breed, so anywhere between 1-2 years would probably be fine.

That said, keeping an intact dog does come with added responsibilties. Six months is pretty standard practice because that's the approximate age many dogs become capable of reproducing. If your dog is likely to ever be in situations where he could breed, you should consider neutering at six months or looking for a vet who performs vasectomies. Keep in mind that Sibes are notorious escape artists, so if you plan to ever leave him alone outside, even in a fenced yard, sterilization would be wise.

I would not neuter a dog younger than six months or so because it's unnecessary and only has negative impacts on health (shelter situations excluded). Waiting until maturity is preferable, but only if the dog can be properly contained. The benefits from waiting aren't great enough to justify accidentally breeding, in my opinion.

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Tallis, whether you "need" to neuter your dog depends on a lot of things, including whether you are comfortable with your ability to handle an intact dog and prevent breeding.

As for timing--sooner than six months is undesirable for health and development reasons, and Sibes are big enough that I have to agree that waiting until after his first birthday is better if you can do that. You want to give the growth plates time to close, and the larger the breed, the later that happens.

I would really encourage you to wait until he's a year old, and under no circumstances agree to neuter him before six months.

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Barked: Fri Apr 12, '13 5:59am PST 
Thank you so much for all your answers! If I can I think I will wait till he is a year old, from hearing all your responses, that seems like a good age. If I have too, I will do it between 6 months and 1 year.

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Barked: Fri Apr 12, '13 6:20am PST 
Tallis-cheercheercheer to you for deciding to wait as long as possible. We wanted to wait with our boy Kai as well and being an Akita until much closer to age 2 because they tend to mature mentally much slower. We however living in a neighborhood where Akitas are not very welcome and finding him to be an escape artist had to change our plan,we kept finding him on the other side of the gate as early as 4 months and with others letting unaltered dogs run at large,we had him neutered at 6 months. Most vets in our area by the way,will not as policy neuter before then for health reasons. I now wish we could have waited as planned. Kai is amazingly sweet and wonderful but unlike my females all of which were spayed at around age 2,he is far more puppy like,less mature,and has taken much longer to reach the same milestones in training my girls did. By age 3 or so each of them could be trusted off leash for at least short periods,at 3 and a half,Kai is not even close and may never reach that point. It may be his personality but he has been trained in exactly the same way the girls were and lacks the maturity and focus they had at his age.If I had it to do over,I would have stuck to my guns and waited,management would not have been a big issue for me. Best of Luck to you.

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Barked: Sat Apr 13, '13 1:45pm PST 
Since I routinely deal with rescues I sit on both sides of this fencelaugh out loud
My personal dogs will get done if and when I decide, not ever before age 2 and maybe not at all.
The pups I place are done before they leave so generally 10-12 weeks. If I have them longer they wait longer because in reality I'm not comfortable with it being done that young.
I'm glad you are waiting so just two cautions.
Don't neuter because you think you have to. Make an informed decision on your own.
If you have ANY doubts about preventing accidental breedings, do it sooner then later. And never underestimate a dogs ability to get out and get it donelaugh out loud
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Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 11:24pm PST 
As being a Siberian Husky Owner, I think it would be a wise decision on your part to wait till your husky is a a year and a half to neuter. If you can try to wait til he is 2. My female husky Luna is a year and 3 months old. Physically she's mature but mentally she is not. She still has the puppy mentality. So Luna is still intact. She has gone through 2 heats already and we have never had an accidental breeding even though we live in a apartment complex. If we see another dog while she's in heat we walk the opposite direction and tell the other owners to keep a safe distance away from her. If you start your training now and be consistent with the training it will be easy later in life to control an intact male husky. If you wait til he's 2 to neuter, don't leave him out in the backyard for extended periods of time without supervision as you do not want him to find a way to escape. Huskies are notorious escape artists, and they are very good at it. If you leave the house for any reason, crate him. Any dog that is under the age of 6 months should not be neutered or spayed.
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