I Knew you were the right dog because....

If you are wondering what is the right dog for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about tail wagging and learning.

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Jake Earned- his wings- 10.02.15

I am Murphy's- Law Embodied! <3- Me!
Barked: Mon Feb 25, '13 2:51pm PST 
Come on and tell me how you knew the dog you own now was the right choice? Be they a rescue or a breeder pup or a pet store window deal. Tell me how you knew your pup or pups were the right dog for you?

I knew jake was supposed to be mine the moment I called his name in that kennel and he came waltzing over and gave me a look that clearly said "What took you so long? i've been waiting."

** It's funny because the moment he gave me that look i told him i was sorry I was late.big laugh

We've been through a lot including medical illnesses that threatened to take him away from me just a few months into ownership. But I still wouldn't trade a day with him for any other dog on this planet.

Anyone else have a smiliar tale?

Mischief is my- middle name
Barked: Mon Feb 25, '13 4:12pm PST 
I didn't go into my dog search looking for a particular breed, but just a certain type of look and size. Decent size, somewhat fluffy but not too foo-foo, upright triangular ears - GSDs and huskies came first to my mind, but any kind of mix would do that I thought was "pretty". I had fallen in love with a Golden/Spitz mix on Petfinder, but she was adopted out before I was ready to adopt. So then it came down to Ace vs a Lab-Chow mix.

Ace was named that by her foster. An odd name for a female, but it called out to me because I'm a near-native Nevadan that had recently relocated out of state. What better name than numero uno in a deck of cards? Her looks, definitely her looks. Very uniquely beautiful mutt. And then the eyes topped it off for me. Parti-eyed in both eyes. If I thought she was unique before, that sealed the deal.

And part of being a little less shallow and more realistic, I took Ace over the lab-Chow mix because Ace was rescued and cared for in a home vs being rescued from the pound and boarded due to a lack of fosters. I figured it was best if I, as a first time owner, had a little head start on the housetraining.

And Teeko picked us. He especially picked Ace laugh out loud I ended up not being able to re-home him once I found out his prior owner sucked because I thought it'd break my girl's heart, they bonded so fast.

The Cowardly- Lion - I'll find my- courage
Barked: Mon Feb 25, '13 8:57pm PST 
Jake, your story is adorable! I've read some of your past posts, and I'm really glad you've built the bond you have with him. It's heart-warming.

I knew Leia was ours as soon as we met her. We'd been looking for months and nothing was working or clicking, the spark wasn't there, so I was getting pretty discouraged. Then, Leia popped up on my favorite rescue site as a private rehome. She just looked so goofy and sweet, we had to go see her.

We met her the next weekend at the owner's home (wonderful people, we still keep in touch about her). They used to be fosters for the rescue, so they knew how to evaluate dogs and knew Leia's personality inside and out, which was exactly the kind of certainty we were looking for. In fact, the only reason they were sending her on was because they knew she needed a quiet home as a single dog for a while, to work on her issues. They told us before we met her that she was shy and would likely take a minute to warm up to us, but as soon as she saw me she walked right up and put her head in my lap. The owners were shocked, hahaha. She was mine from then on. It's not easy dealing with her fear of, well, everything, but her wonderful sweetness and adorability (now a word) makes up for it. She's a perfect apartment dog, couldn't be better, and an even more perfect companion smile

Miyu CGC

Bow down to the- Princess Brat!
Barked: Mon Feb 25, '13 9:07pm PST 
She checked off all the boxes I needed, plus took to me right away. Something which I like all the more now that I know that she can be picky with the people she choses to like. She was fostered, had lived a long time with the trainer who works with the rescue, and so was beautifully trained in all her basic commands. Was great in her crate, would do well as an only dog, and she does beautifully with our cats. She was a mellowed out adult who has a great off switch in the house, and is very much okay with me going off to bring the bacon home. I knew pretty much from the meeting that I would get her, though I did look at a couple of other options and fostered to adopt prior to deciding if she was mine.

She's taught me a lot, and I love love that she's Mine, and I'm her Person. She loves my husband now too, but in the beginning it was very clear who's dog she was. And still is. I daresay she makes it clear whenever we come home who she likes more. laugh out loud We've fostered a couple of other dogs now, and I think the decision is reaffirmed every time I realize that no matter how awesome the foster is, I still like her much more. She's my baby girl, for sure.

It ain't over- till the fat- kitty sings
Barked: Mon Feb 25, '13 9:20pm PST 
Awwwww I'm loving this thread alreadybig grin
Sophie I didn't know until the third time in the day I walked back to the kennel...she saw me and totally leaped over the heads of all the other dawgs, "ME ME ME SHE IS SO HERE FOR MEEEEEE!!!!!!!"
With Callie I just know he picked me out,I was walking down this row of kennels and there were the barkers...scary for a cat person, the leapers...desperate, and this quiet brown boy with soulful eyes, he didn't stand up or say a word but when I put my hand to the gate he raised his paw to it...right there we made the connection
Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

My Little Dog, a- heartbeat at my- feet.<3
Barked: Mon Feb 25, '13 11:23pm PST 
Haha, honestly, when I first met Charlie, I was absolutely smitten. I didn't quite know WHY, didn't really have any founding reasons. I mean, he practically ignored me a majority of the time, was far more enamored with the other dogs in the daycare he showed up in that I worked at, and could care less for the people there. But.. He stole my heart.

When I took him home for lunch to meet my family.. Him running straight to the couch to jump into their arms and shower them in kisses sealed the deal. He was meant to be mine. He was meant to be a part of my family. And forevermore, he shall be.

I didn't want him because they claimed he was fully house trained, or fully trained, or crate trained. I wanted him because it was him. In fact, it turned out he was NOT house trained at all, wasn't trained beyond knowing his name, and had been left in his kennel so much in his previous homes that he hated it and had mild separation anxiety. He had a multitude of behavioral issues. He came to me at eight months old, with four prior homes. None of which had ever made the effort to make him into the dog he is today.

My life would not be the same without him.
Augusta,- CGC, RN

Such a Good Dog!
Barked: Tue Feb 26, '13 3:18am PST 
When the rescue lady brought her to check out my house and bring her for a week's trial, Gus (named Lassie at the time) just helped herself to climbing up on the couch where we were both sitting discussing paperwork, laid half her body and head across my lap and let out a big 'ol bear like sigh, as if to say, "Ahh, I've always wanted one of these . .." laugh out loud cloud 9

More Bored- Collies
Barked: Tue Feb 26, '13 3:52am PST 
When I first met Cobain, I was actually on my way to look at another pup.
A 10 week old female who's initial home fell through. (She actually sent me a blonde/white female a little while before that at the time, I had NO interest in laugh out loud)

I couldn't get through to the breeder that day, she told me to call when I was on my way - but she said she would be home all day. This being before the age of everyone having cell phones, I waited to find a payphone about 20 minutes from her home.

Over the phone she stated that the puppy she had had just gone to her new home. However she had a litter of 2 week old pups that weren't all spoken for.

First we met his sire. Lovely temperamented boy by the name of Tom.
Cobain's mother graciously welcomed us in to see her pups (while adamantly ensuring all other dogs stayed away).
There were 3 FAT blonde/white males and a little black/white male that I had my pick from.
All promising sport and herding dogs. At 2 weeks old there wasn't a heck of a lot of movement or personality going on. I narrowed it down to the little black/white and the blonde/white with the spot on the top of his head. After over an hour of sitting there I made the decision on the blonde one. I made the 3 hour drive several times before I could bring him home. And with each visit, I liked who my boy was developing into more and more.

Cobain and his Brother 4 weeks

Barked: Tue Feb 26, '13 4:16am PST 
Rigby Before and After
A lot of what drew me to Rigby was the picture on the left. The low quality picture of an emaciated, bat eared dog that was posted on Petfinder. Right then and there I was pretty well sold.

I actually spent quite a few months sort of casually searching Petfinder for a new companion.
I wanted a herding dog, but I wanted a youngish - but not too young - dog that enjoyed playing with other dogs (for Oz).
And then this tiny dog with giant ears popped out to me - labelled as an Australian Kelpie/ "Smooth" Collie mix. (We think they meant smooth Border Collie).
Admittedly I went a little frantic when I saw her, trying endlessly to get on the phone with the shelter - which was closed for the day. The next day I received an email stating Rigby ("Jorja") would be at a Petsmart a few hours away.
I got in the car with my mother and started driving.

In the crate she was barking incessantly. My mother was hesitant to accept this yappy dog into our home. However I was permitted to take her on a quick walk around the store, and she quieted right down.
She was my dog.
I would have taken her that day had my father not been busy and unable to take a look at her.

I asked them to hold her for one day while I brought Cobain and my father to meet her. They couldn't guarantee it.
I was a little put out here as I said I was willing to work with this dog regardless of the issues, that she would live in a large house with a large yard, someone was always home, she'd get daily runs, and would be trained in all sorts of sports. Although I understand why they couldn't hold her that long
I spent the night worrying.

That Sunday I drove back. Dog and father in tow. (Oz and my brother did not get to meet her beforehand as we do not have an adequate sized car for 2 dogs + 1 strange dog)

She was still there! My excitement levels rose. Then quickly dropped as Cobain displayed his typical displeasure of new dogs by lifting his lips and growling a little. I spent half an hour explaining that my dog is a jerk and if he really had an issue he would have made it more clear.

Car ride home - whine whine whine whine bark bark bark - from Rigby....I was half tempted to turn around and take her back silenced

Once we finally made it home, she spent a total of 10 minutes on a lung line before I realized she had no interest in leaving.
She moved in. She made herself comfortable.
She knew she was home, and I knew she was my dog.
Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Tue Feb 26, '13 6:28am PST 
Can't really say much thought was put into getting Sanka, but I find the story hilarious given how weird he is.

I was obsessed with black and tan dogs. A guy had pups he was just trying to get rid of. Went to his place and looked at all the cute pups of all different colors. The guy then said that there must be one "stuck" in the garage. He went around and came out with this big ole black and tan pup. And thus the Sankster was mine. He has always been rather daft about finding his way out of or around objects.laugh out loud

Kato, I put more thought into. Visited the animal control not thinking I'd really find the right dog, but they happened to have 3 puppies in a kennel that just came in. Two of the pups were bouncing at the front of the kennel as puppies do with their happy selves. But the one just laid in the back, not scared, just chilling and taking it all in. When I saw that, I just felt that dog was what I wanted. Visited them a few more times before they were ready for adoption and further saw that "thinking" dog that I like. Definitely got one great dog.way to go
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