Possible Kelpie Mix?

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Barked: Tue Feb 19, '13 3:30pm PST 
Hi, all! I am new to this forum. I have an account with the German Shepherd page. I was told my girl was a mix of GSD and Malamute- however, that is SO not the case!! I asked along the GSD site, and got multiple answers of "She's gotta be a kelpie mix!" So, I was just wondering if anyone here thought that? Figuring out her breed doesn't really matter to me, as I love her any way!- but it would be helpful to be able to know the background of the other breed as far as health issues and whatnot!

I don't know if you can add pictures to the post, but I just added some to my profile so you can see Remy there smile

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Eve: aka Evil- Sidewinder
Barked: Sun Feb 24, '13 8:54pm PST 
Remington ... I'd say Kelpie in you for sure ! way to go I work at the local SPCA and a year ago Clifford was transfered to us and listed as a shepherd mix . I came home that night and scoured dogster for pics of a matching breed and found the Kelpie ... definitely Clifford . lol. after almost a yr and one failed adoption I adopted him myself last week . I hope to have a dogster page for him this week !

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Barked: Tue Feb 26, '13 5:02am PST 

Maybe GSD Kelpie mix?
She seems to be pretty big for a Kelpie - to my understanding females are usually within the 35-45lbs range - though I may be wrong.

Very pretty pup!

Jackson Tan

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Barked: Thu Mar 7, '13 4:00am PST 
The eyes and ear set are correct, although the face shape is all shepherd. She very possibly could be a GSD kelpie mix. I see no other breeds .... Definitely no mal! Beautiful dog.

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