Urinating in House

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Barked: Tue Jan 29, '13 10:09am PST 
So the past couple weeks Samson has started peeing in the house. And it is definitely peeing, not marking, the volume is SO MUCH MORE than just marking. He's already ruined an expensive set of insulated drapes, a basket, and a cat tree. He's on 100% leashed supervision while indoors now, no exceptions. He HAS marked in the house in the past before (been a very long time though), so I know the difference in volume.

He was on antibiotics off and on for about a month and a half due to an ear infection we COULD NOT get rid of.

I know the last one was an oral antibiotic, Baytril. He was on a week of that, but it has probably been two weeks since he was off that (right when the problems started).

The one right before that were ear drops, "TMP-SMZ." I honestly can't remember what the first med was, though - but it was an ear drop, too, different antibiotic though.

I know being on antibiotics for so long has probably really screwed up his gut flora, and I know it can mess up "healthy" bacteria in the urinary tract - but he's not acting at all like he has a UTI (he's had them before). When cleaning up the mess he made last night (which was the last straw - that's what led me to impose a 100% leashed in the house rule, though he's still allowed to roam free in my room, where he's never peed), I noticed it smelled very...alkaline? I don't know if that is the word. He's always killed grass where he pees though, so that might be normal for him. Just trying to think of any details that might help.

I'm going to go to the grocery store today and try to pick him up some yogurt to help repopulate his gut with good bacteria.

Part of me wonders if this is behavioral, I mean he won't pee at all in my room, which basically doubles as his "den" - but the rest of the house all of the sudden seems to be fair game. He's given multiple opportunities to go outside a day, and does pee when he's let out. There's no symptoms of a UTI. But this is so far out of the realm of his normal behavior, and there's no other indications to suggest a behavioral problem is going on that I'm still wondering if it is medical.

Any ideas? Is it just going to take some time for his body to recover from the antibiotics? I know Baytril is a really powerful one and if I understand correctly is not normally given as a first course, so maybe that just really wrecked the good bacteria in his system and is making him feel off?
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Does he seem to be urinating more than usual? I know he's peeing in the house and that would count, but does he want to be let out more? How about drinking water? Has that changed?

I'm not a doctor but I would think if he's been taking baytril for another infection then it would help if he was having a UTI? I had recurring UTIs and did clavamox and once when it didn't go away, i was given baytril to clear it up.

The thing to know is that sometimes excessive urination isn't an UTI. At the very least, it may help to take a urine sample to the vet. If it comes up clean, when's the last time he had bloodwork? If that comes back normal then you can begin assessing whether it's behavioral.

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Barked: Tue Jan 29, '13 12:06pm PST 
Not any more than usual, no. Not drinking any more than usual either, nor is he any more thirsty than usual.

If this doesn't seem to clear up in a bit I'll get bloodwork & a urinalysis done. He had some done two years ago, I think.


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On your own you could check the pH with a test strip. I have a test for the aquarium that would work in a pinch. If it is strongly alkaline [pH above 7.5 or so] then he could have an infection. Baytril is the one the took out Sassy's UTI, be a bummer that it didn't work this time.

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It's possible it did clear it up, I don't know. He had it for an ear infection and it seems to be cleared up for good this time around. But antibiotics wreck good AND bad bacteria, so, it's possible his GI and/or urinary tracts are messed up from that.

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I wouldn't trust the probiotics in yogurt to do the job. Acidolphilus or Multidolplus in capsules are much more effective. Solaray from the fridge at the natural food store are my favs. A yeast infection? I imagine males can get them, too, especially after antibiotics. That'd explain the odor.