What do you think of this breeder?

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Henry Miller

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Barked: Mon Jan 28, '13 4:12pm PST 
I know nothing, zip, zero about breeders. Always adopt my dogs and am very involved in rescue. But a friend bought a dog from this breeder a few years back. The dog now has bad hip dyspalsia.
Wondering if it's a fluke or were there warning signs?

I haven't even looked at the web site myself. I wouldn't even know what to look for!! smile



Spooky Mulder
Barked: Mon Jan 28, '13 4:25pm PST 
Don't know much about Porties, but they don't look too bad.

Does she have a contract on the dog? What are these breeders going to do about this? Has she contacted them yet about any of this?

Any litter can produce a dysplastic pup, regardless of the hip scores of the parents. Good breeding practices help to reduce the problem, but there are no 100%s with anything. This is why there should always be a contract in place to protect the buyer should there be a fluke such as this.
Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

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Barked: Mon Jan 28, '13 4:38pm PST 
Well... I wouldn't be keen on using the breeder, but perhaps someone on the forums here is more familiar with this breeder and might be able to give more insight.

On the website, some dogs have their OFA(hips) listed while others do not. I'm not sure if the others don't due to age, or not breeding, or what as she doesn't seem to list too much information about each individual dog on the website. Her pictures suggests she does conformation with the dogs but what ELSE does she do with them? Nothing listed about conformation, or anything else either.. She has MORE on her website about her family than her dogs, and her 'puppies' section only shows cute pictures of litters of puppies and whose pups they are. I see nothing about what her philosophy is, WHY she's breeding the dogs, which I would expect to be able to read from a quality breeder, she doesn't state what she's doing for the breed(breeding for sound temperament or good health, etc???), and doesn't say anything about contracts, or about how she places her puppies, etc either.. No questionnaire, although I don't expect that from every breeder as many will ask you the questions in person or over the phone too..

So... overall, I'm not impressed. At all, in fact... All I see is a pretty website that lacks A LOT of information on her dogs. Nothing SERIOUSLY bad by any means..

But I have to agree with Mulder on this, regardless..

Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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Barked: Mon Jan 28, '13 4:43pm PST 
The only thing I noticed was that they don't have OFA Hip ratings on most of the females, only the males. They do list Penn hip, but the scores weren't that great on those bitches without the OFA hips, from what I understand about Penn hip scores.
HOWEVER, that said, Mulder is correct...there is no 100% guarantee, and some information points to environmental issues such as slippery floors, over-exercise or over-weight in growing puppies, and nutrition as certainly contributing to the problem.
I would say they probably wouldn't scare me away if I were looking for a PWD, but I would ask questions about the hip scores on the bitches.
Henry Miller

He's a tramp,- but they love- him!
Barked: Mon Jan 28, '13 9:00pm PST 
Thanks for taking a look. I didn't ask my friend questions about contracts or anything. Just was there to be supportive since they were nervous about the surgery. She is recovering nicely as far as I know.
Charlie- Chaplin

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