"Therapy Dog" in the mall.

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Barked: Mon Jan 21, '13 9:02am PST 
A couple days ago the bf and i went to a mall in our area that really doesnt have anything left in it. Well long story short there is a pet store in there that sells puppies. As we ventured back in that direction find food there was a couple in the pet store with their husky. He was playing with one of the puppies on the floor. I asked if they were going to buy the pup, but they said no, their dog is a therapy dog and he needs to be used to be people!! silencedsilenced I know the difference between that and a service dog and told them they had no rights to be in the mall, but rolled their eyes and walked away. Ugh!!

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Maybe they got permission first. I don't have any PAT rights since I'm owner training, so I usually call ahead to see if it's okay.
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Some pet stores in malls do allow dogs, I've been to two before in two different states, they allowed dogs to walk through the mall in order to get to the pet store.
I've also been in a mall with dogs before (and ferrets once) when they had one of those photography places, they allowed people to bring their pets in if they were going to get their picture taken, as long as they were on the way to or from the photo place. The photo place even had a pet contest once, where they took the pet photos (for free) to enter the contest, that's when I had my ferrets' photo taken.


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Just because they do not have public access *rights* doesn't mean they are prohibited from public access. i.e. The mall owner could have thrown them out if he wanted to and it wouldn't have been against the law as it would have to throw out a SD team, but if the mall owner is okay with them being there they are totally allowed to be there.

I've worked at a bookstore and we didn't mind if somebody brought a dog in. I've also been in lots of malls where people are allowed to bring dogs. Just because most people don't doesn't mean it's prohibited.

In general, only get mad if people are passing their dog off as a service dog. Sounds like these people weren't.