Letting go of Reactivity...

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Grunt CGC

WWGD or What- Would Grunt Do?
Barked: Sun Jan 13, '13 8:58pm PST 
Having to manage Turner for so long for dog reactivity has finally caught up to me! I took Grunt for his first CGC class. I could not get him to walk on a loose lead for nothing. The trainer, who knew my history, said. You've had a reactive dog. You managed him well. Grunt is not reactive. Look at him! Watch Grunt and not around or ahead. thinking She had a valid point. I'm so busy looking ahead that I never look at Grunt. naughty Sometimes it takes an outsider to "check" you. Sometimes it just hard to let go of the past. But somehow the future looks just a bit brighter now... flowers

we will dance in- the ring without- words
Barked: Mon Jan 14, '13 4:58am PST 
Awww, Grunt. Hugs. You two will make a great team. Sometimes we get the dog we need and sometimes we get the dog we deserve. Turner taught you so much, now relax and enjoy having a non project dog.
Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Mon Jan 14, '13 6:45am PST 
Grunt is so handsome, how could you not look at him?cloud 9


I love sitting- in laps
Barked: Mon Jan 14, '13 8:08am PST 
hug Turner taught you an awful lot and now it's Grunts turn. cloud 9

forever loved
Barked: Mon Jan 14, '13 8:59am PST 
It can be hard NOT to worry after having a reactive dog, so I'm glad your trainer was able to point out to you that you can relax! Grunt looks really adorable!blue dog
Grunt CGC

WWGD or What- Would Grunt Do?
Barked: Mon Jan 14, '13 7:48pm PST 
Thanks everyone. flowers

shy girl
Barked: Mon Jan 14, '13 8:41pm PST 
you are one gorgeous pup Grunt!!! Enjoy your walks!