I'm Laura, my Furbaby is Winston and we're new!!

Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions-big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other dog owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.

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Barked: Mon Oct 15, '12 8:30am PST 
Hi there,
I'm totally new to Dogster (hadn't even heard of it until today) but it looks like a brilliant idea. My fiance, Jack, and I got our first baby on Tuesday. Little Winston the frenchie, he's just 10 weeks old and he is the most beautiful, funny, friendly and craziest puppy I've ever met. Already can't imagine life without him!!

Basically, I am just posting to introduce myself and Winston to your lovely community and hope that we gain many furry four (and two) legged friends.

Thanks for having a wee read.

Laura & Winston

(P.s if someone could give me a wee heads up on how to post pictures of posts, that would be amazing!!)smilepuppy

Whippy- The- Whipador
Barked: Mon Oct 15, '12 1:28pm PST 
welcome to Dogster! wave

Always good to see another UK member. Off to send you a PPR!

Oh, and to post pictures in your posts you need an account on Photobucket ( or other photo hosting site ) and then you need to go to this website. Copy and paste the direct link from your picture in the Link (Picture/YouTube): box and then in the Link Description box give your picture a name. Hit the create forum code button and then copy and paste the code in the large box into your post here.

Hope that helps! way to go

Barked: Mon Oct 15, '12 2:12pm PST 
Thanks Alot for the photo help. I thought that there would be Photobucket involved but wasn't too sure.

Just accepted your paw pal request and checked out wee Missy's profile and she is so cute.

I'm so glad I found this site it has so much help and advice on it.
Also, I'm abit of a photo addict. LOVE looking at pictures of dogs, so this is the place for me party x


Black dogs rock!
Barked: Mon Oct 15, '12 2:27pm PST 
welcome Laura and Winston. Dogster is a great place to meet like minded dog peoplesmile It is also an invaluable support system. I am sure you will like it heredog

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Do you even- lift?
Barked: Mon Oct 15, '12 2:41pm PST 
welcome to Dogster, Laura and Winston!

There's a ton of information here, and overall it's a very friendly and helpful environment. We hope you have fun and make lots of friends puppy

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Mon Oct 15, '12 3:17pm PST 
welcomeLaura and Winston. As others have said it is always nice to see new people and pups. There are alot of fun,educational,and just truly amusing places to go and things to share,explore and have fun.wavewishes We are sending you a pal request to help in Making new friends.
Kali earned- her wings- 10/21/14

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Barked: Mon Oct 15, '12 5:01pm PST 
welcome Welcome!!
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Mon Oct 15, '12 7:26pm PST 
Hi Laura and Winston !!

Sending a PPR... Ty has set you up with the hover pics and How to !!

I am English now living in the USA ....

Flicka ∆,,∆ & Lucas /..| Cleo (I.M.) ∆,,∆ & Pam X
Rocky *CGC*- With the- angels.

Gone but never,- ever forgotten- xxx
Barked: Tue Oct 16, '12 2:50pm PST 
Hi Laura and Winston wave

Us Brits are getting more prominent by the day puppy

Dogster is great fun and I'm sure you'll make loads of friends puppy

Pup Pal request on it's way!!!

Rocky, Dexter and Lauren.

Sir Winston- Crazy-dog - can we play yet?
Barked: Tue Oct 16, '12 2:59pm PST 
Hi Laura and Winston, Welcome to this wonderful site smile
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