Swiffer Wet - not safe for dogs?

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Barked: Thu Aug 9, '12 6:20am PST 
A friend of mine alerted me when I told her I use Swiffer (dry) to sweep up hair off the hardwood floors in our apartment that I should never use the Swiffer (wet) variety to wash the floor because it's dangerous/deadly to dogs.

Does anyone have any feedback on that?

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Barked: Thu Aug 9, '12 7:45am PST 
I heard that many years ago from my vet. The dry ones are fine but both the wet cloths and especially the cleaner in the "Wet Jet" product contain a chemical very close to antifreeze. If your dog licks the floor or happens to get the wet product on their feet and lick it off they can potentially be poisoned by it. I tried them once and in all honesty did not like the tacky residue they left on the floor,before hearing how dangerous they could be to dogs. I do not know if they have since changed the product or not,but refuse to even take the chance.

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Barked: Thu Aug 9, '12 9:35am PST 
I've heard that too. Better to be safe than sorry.....

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Barked: Thu Aug 9, '12 9:57am PST 
I have also read that it's not good for animals but I still use it. It drys fast and I keep the dogs out of the room until it drys. I've been using it for 9 yrs since I ripped up all the carpet in the house. Never had 1 dog get sick from it. If you read the back of all floor cleaning products they all say harmful if swallowed. So what are you suppose to wash your floor with? Plain water just doesn't cut it.
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Barked: Thu Aug 9, '12 2:02pm PST 
It's not true.

That being said, I have used Swiffer Wet and I also gave it up over the tacky residue it left. It's just gross and gave everything a chemical-y smell. I know most cleaning products have warnings about pets and children, but my feelings are that one that hangs around like the Swiffer Wet are way worse than ones that dry completely like Pine Sol.
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Barked: Thu Aug 9, '12 4:41pm PST 
I use swiffer wet between regular moppings BUT I also wipe it dry with an old bath towel. It gets rid of ALL the sticky residue.

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Barked: Fri Aug 10, '12 4:10am PST 
I just use vinager and water, (its a natural disinfectant) for the floors and counters.

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Barked: Fri Aug 10, '12 10:21am PST 
o cedar has a spray mop, same style as a wet jet, but you fill the bottle with your own solution. i've been using vinegar and water for the past 2 years, and have never had issues with my house not being clean enough.
Addy, CGC

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Barked: Sat Aug 11, '12 4:40pm PST 
It's false.

Snopes debunking of the Swiffer WetJet "danger to dogs" claim

Barked: Wed Aug 15, '12 11:45am PST 
Since my dogs (like most others, I'm sure) will lick up anything from the floor, I don't want to use anything toxic. I have been using a steam mop for several years now and my floors not only look cleaner, but are not sticky at all. And I don't worry about the girls licking up chemicals with that dropped piece of food!
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