New Additions [Puppies and Pictures!]

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You can call me- Poof
Barked: Wed Jul 4, '12 9:39pm PST 
Before I do anything, I'd like to say this was a vigilantly monitored, and very planned pregnancy. Cliche was old enough and she whelped all six of her pups just fine =] All have homes, and will be leaving under a spay/neuter contract as well as a permanent home with me should they need to return the pup for any reason. I've done tons and tons of research before breeding. I know my stuff =D Let me tell you, the parti's were a surprise, I had no idea Cliche was a carrier. But I'm also surprised that Pidgeon didn't end up passing his Merele gene. You'd think with a 50/50% chance and six puppies, one of them was bound to be Merle. There is a chance the extreme parti or white boy may have it, but last time I checked there was no genetic test to find out. I guess if either end up having blue eyes, I may know for sure! [What drives me crazy is when pictures show up in the preview but not when you post it..ughh..Dogster needs to get with the program! Having to go to a different site just to upload pics is almost not worth it..]

Pidgeon says 'I'm a daddy!'

Here, he is on my back, in a pet bed, looking over my shoulder being all curious, haha.

First to be born. I call him Cerberus and cowpatty, lol. He is a black parti!

This shows the white blaze on his head better.

Second to be born was a black female with a small white streak on her chest

Third was a white male. Not sure if he is just extreme parti or really is white. Won't know for sure. He is the runt of the litter.

Fourth is a black Mismark female! White on chest and paws

This baby boy is an extreme parti with half his face black.

On his other side he has a small black dot between his ear and eye. Adorable!

Last to be born! He is the biggest of all of them. He really throws me, I have no idea what kind of Mismark he is. He isn't black, thats for sure. Looks chocolate or some sort of sable? Looks like he has mixed orange and black hairs.

He has a white chest and paws!

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Birthday Boy
Barked: Thu Jul 5, '12 1:30am PST 
That last one is awesome looking. All of them are cute. Wow have Pigeon grown. What color was the female you bred him too. I think the last is Brindle(as he/she will lighten when older0. You had some different colors be thrown there for one litter. . Those white ones looking Ice white you will be able to tell when they are older. They could be extreme piebald(parti). I love partis.

Here are some Brindles:
Brindle Pomeranian 1

Brindle Pomeranian 2

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You can call me- Poof
Barked: Thu Jul 5, '12 9:23am PST 
I thought brindle too!!!
But it seemed too unlikely, lol!!
I'll be seriously surprised if he ends up Brindle O_O
I bred Pidgeon to my sisters Pom Cliche.
Cliche is a blue and tan =]
The parti's surprised me, I had no idea Cliche was carrier!
They are all pretty much black and white, or white, or mostly black.
Besides that last one.
Can't wait to see if the male keeps his white blaze and what pup #6 ends up looking like when he gets older.

GOSH I know. Pidgeon has grown up so fast I can hardly believe it! He's a year old already, and even though I got him at five months, I'm still wondering where the time went! lol


Birthday Boy
Barked: Thu Jul 5, '12 7:03pm PST 
Its cool if you got a random brindle out of a Blue Tan and Merle breeding. The Parti probably came because your boy is more like a Merle Parti. He's probably the carrier of the parti. Where did all that black come from. I believe if that Cam might be a carrier of the tri gene. Cam is a little over a year old.

You can call me- Poof
Barked: Thu Jul 5, '12 9:41pm PST 
I know for a fact my boy is a merle parti, but in order to have parti show, the pups must have two copies of the gene. So Cliche must have been a carrier! I'm pretty clueless when it comes to the Brindle gene, may have to do a little research on it!

I'm not sure tri is a gene..hmm...I think tri's are just poms that are [insert color here] & tan with irish piebald or mismark. So technically just an & tan with the party gene =]

Cam looks like he is an orange parti, so he is deff a parti carrier. Parti only shows if said dog has two copies of the gene, so either both Cams parents were parti or at least one or both were carriers!

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Birthday Boy
Barked: Thu Jul 5, '12 10:32pm PST 
Yea both Cam parents are parti. Cam is a Orange Sable Parti. His dad is an orange parti and his mom is a black and white parti. His grandfather is an mismark orange. The person I got him from has a tri and I think it's Cam's Mom's Sister (if that makes since). I have pictures of his parents.

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You can call me- Poof
Barked: Thu Jul 5, '12 10:43pm PST 
I love pictures =]

Pup 6 next to the black female for color comparison

Pup six next to our white male runt for size comparison. Pup six is the largest of the litter!

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Birthday Boy
Barked: Thu Jul 5, '12 10:48pm PST 
Wow pup 6 looks like some chocolate in there too. I still think brindle, but those colors are different. What a size difference? Did you weigh them? I wonder if that pup will stay all white. You have some nice colored pups:

Okay here are pictures:
1.This is Cam Now. It's hard to see how much black he actually has. He has a big patch a the base of his tail and small patches on his face.

2. Cam's Mom

3.Cam's Dad

4.Cam's Dad's Dad (Grandpa) Mismark Orange Sable

4.The Tri(Who I believe is Cam's Mom's Sister)

Another Pic of Cam. The black on his face. He used to have a white blaze but it disappeared when he went through his uglies.

This is old, but this shows his black a little better. The black at the base of the tail goes around to the other side
I hope his fur covers his ears like his parents lol

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Birthday Boy
Barked: Thu Jul 5, '12 11:09pm PST 
More pictures:
This is how he looked when I first got him. He went through a dramatic color change

Him at 4 or 5 months old

I think I forgot to say Congrats on your new additions. Are you keeping any? Keep us updated as they grow.

Is today agility- day??
Barked: Fri Jul 6, '12 3:55pm PST 
Congratulations on your puppies! Six is a really big litter! I think half of the fun of having a Pom puppy is seeing how much they change as they grow up. It's hard to believe sometimes that it's the same dog coming out of the uglies that went into it. Keep spoiling us with pictures as they grow.
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