My 7.5 lb and my 8 lb Chihuahua

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My recent visit to vet said that 1/4 cup twice a day of dry dog food is too much and the dogs were on the chunky side he recommend the Science Diet and Purina and some other brands. For those with small dogs as the Chi, how much food do you feed daily and any suggestions on brands. The previous owner use Avoderm and Bentiful the Vetfrown on both.

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My Chi is 6 pounds and I feed 1/4 cup in the morning, and 1/4 cup at night with 1 tbsp of wet. Right now I feed Acana Small Breed dry, and Evo for wet.

She's quite active (1.5 hours of walking a day) and our vet has no issues with her feeding or weight. She also gets a significant treat when she gets crated on weekdays.
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My toy poodles are 5 - 6 lbs and get 1/4 - 1/3 cup Earthborn Holistic Bison ONCE a day. They get one animal cracker per day as well.
They tend to plump up in Winter and drop it again in Summer. They are all quite active on a daily basis.

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Princesse is 5.5 pounds. I feed her 1/4 cup twice a day but she usually only eats 1/2 of that . If she eats both in the morning and night she eats just 1/8 of a cup each meal. If she only eats at night she will eat the whole 1/4 cup. She only gets out during nice weather but is constantly running to the door or window bol.

ETA I feed Holistic Blend grain free ( Canadian brand).

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I have a 7lb and an 8 lb chihuahua. taggert is my 8 lb dog, and he is absolutely ideal. He gets 1/4 cup per meal. foxxy gets 1/8 cup per meal despite weighng only a pound less. She's 1lb overweight still! We're on fromm grain free right now, and we're staying on the brand for a while because we love the kibble size and the taste.

you really have to watch not the cup amount with the tiny dogs, but the actual calories of the food. Every brand and every recipe also has a different number of calories per cup.

dog food calorie calculator

use this calculator to figure out how much your dog will need per day. For example, using it Foxxy needs 158 calories per day,, taggert needs 290. that does fit pretty well with the feeding amounts I was doing before looking it up. Per cup, Salmon tunalini, which is their rotation for this month, is 407.34 cal/8oz.

for my dogs, I level off the amounts to 1/4 cup for fox and 1/2 cup for tag, which means that they're getting a little less than they need according to the bag, but since they're incurable scroungebeasts, they make up for that miniscule amount in a single dog treat, or a bit of a scrap, or a little piece of raw chicken. We're dealing with animals that would be getting their daily calorie amounts with 1-2 human sized servings of pringles (16 crisps per serving @150 cals per) that's a tiny mount of food! And why so many people wind up with obese chihuahuas.

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My Chihuahua Tinker gets 1/8c twice daily, she plumps up fairly easy. She does get treats throughout the day but mainly veggies I am making for dinner, or right now some of what my daughter throws from her highchair.

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Paco weighs 7 pounds. He eats By Nature puppy, 1/2 cup per day. He is active and this amount keeps him a perfect weight.
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1/2 cup a day sounds like way too much for dogs that size! Particularly if it's SD or Purina - all those fillers will put weight on VERY quickly!

I'm trying to remember back, but Phoebe, I think, used to get a little less than 1/8th of a cup of kibble in the mornings (before we switched to raw) with some premade raw at night, and her optimum weight is about 9.5 pounds.