Any opinions?

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I may have posted something, similar a few months ago, I forgot. So sorry if I did.

Luna is weird around other dogs and I'd really like to at least bring it to a manageable level so going anywhere with her isn't a mightmare. I've been told it was fear aggression, but I don't think so because even if the dog was a teensy dot on the horizon she would run up to it, and that doesn't make any sense if it is fear. A bunch of people told me it was because she needs to be socialized, but we used to take her to the dog park all the time and it was of no help at all.

At the dog park she would find a dog or two and sprint around the park with it until it was time to go home. Then we had a really bad heat spell where the few dogs who still came just sat by their owners. She suddenly became hideous, running in circles around other dogs and screaming her face off.

Basically I keep her on a leash unless I am absolutely sure there are no other dogs around, and then I will only let her off for a few minutes because I just can't risk it. Once, however, she got off her long line because I forgot to tighten her collar and she went after a boxer. He was off leash and a good ten feet away from his owner. They started running about, no growling or screaming or jumping from Luna, they just ran in circles together. It was weird.

Another time I tried to introduce her to a relative's dogs. She was freaking out and screaming and attacking and I went inside (don't remember why). She not only calmed down but showed appeasement signals like turning her head away from the other dogs. When I came back out, she was instantly crazy again.

What she would do to dogs is either instigate a fight or if that didn't work, run around it and bark and grab onto its neck. She doesn't hurt them or seem to want to, but she also will not quit.

Oh, gosh, I'm ranting red face I'll wrap it up now... What the heck is she doing? IS it a simple explanation of fear or lack of socialization, or is it something else. Frustration from lack of excersize? I'll admit I'm a bit slack on that end. Is it like protecting me or something? Is it protecting every person who happens to be within 20 feet of their dog? Is it some misplaced herding or hunting instinct? She's a lab mixed with something small and thin, don't know what.

Thank you for your time, and sorry for blabbing on and on. I am just really frustrated. Bleh.

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First take a deep breath. Is she always like this or is this just with you? I know I am Sabi's trigger for everything.

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Luna could very well be afraid of other dogs. Or she could simply lack doggy manners and self-control.

Rexy is reactive and so has similar issues...she is afraid of other dogs, but at the same time is intensely curious and intrigued by them.
If I let her, she would charge full tilt at a strange dog, get completely overwhelmed by being in the presence of that same dog, then start a scuffle and not back down.

Some books for you to look into include:
Scaredy Dog by Ali Brown
Behaviour Adjustment Training by Grisha Stewart

Any chance you can enroll in a training class?

Rexy and I attend obedience classes on a regular basis so that she can have safe, controlled exposure to calm, under control dogs.


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Oh, I'm afraid I forgot all about this post for the past few days.

I don't know if it's only with me. I'm the only one who takes her anywhere. I can leave her for the weekends with the relative's dogs and she will just lie next to them all day, but then again I wasn't there so said relative may have just not mentioned any skirmishes.
I feel like it very well could be me, not because I'm an important resource that she wants to guard (I'm not even her favorite person) but because I get very panicked when a dog comes nearby. Like about-to-be murdered panic. I'm always watching out for them and I'm sure that makes her problem worse. She still started it though.

I still don't think it's a lack of manners or fear because she went to the dog park all the time and she was fine until the dogs stopped running around. Thank you for your help smile