Bloody Diarrhea dnd vomiting in Beagle Mix

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I have a two year old beagle/jack Russell mix. One night in early December she began throwing up red mucus (which I assume was blood) and having bloody, mucousy diarrhea. I have been to three different vets with no diagnosis or even any sufficient help. I have spent close to two thousand dollars in two months just making sure she survives these bouts.

We have determined that her intestines are extremely inflamed. I have had her on a hypo allergenic diet to see if that was the problem, but so far it has already started again after only a week on the diet. X-rays have shown that there is no blockage. I am at my wits end because she suffers so badly when these problems start, which is usually once she is taken off of whatever meds the doctor gives her for that week. She does not eat and only rarely drinks water and she usually shakes pretty badly.

Does anyone have any other ideas that I can present my veterinarian with or anything that might help my poor girl. I really cannot afford to keep going to the vet two and three times a week just to have it occur again...I am desperate at this point and could really use any help.

Thank you!

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Has any of the vets you've seen done any kind of blood work on your dog? Such as CBC, blood chemistry? I would have the vets run a test on her for HGE which is Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis. Which is basically inflamed stomach and intestines. There are treatments for it. But i would definitely have the vet run blood tests. Or you can try another vet. A vet that specializes on this part of the body.
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I agree with Luna...

Can you tell us what kind of tests have been run? What they have ruled out? I do think you need to see a specialist at this point. The fact that 3 vets can't figure it out, means a specialist may need to be called in. Have they recommended that?


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I agree with the others that finding a specialist in your area would be your best option at this point. It seems that you are getting no information/assistence from the vets you have already tried and trying in spite of this to care for your dog and keep her going. You really do need some professional help.hughughughugwishes

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I agree! I think a specialist is a great idea. I have now had x-rays done, a CBC, a fecal test for parasites as well as four different physical exams. I was told there wasn't an exact test that could be run for Gastroenteritis is that right? As of today, she is doing very well on a medicine called Carafate which I was told is like a band-aid for the stomach lining? It seems as though he wants me to keep her on that while its working, but he also wants to run a $450 ultrasound test which unfortunately I cannot afford at this time with all the other tests/exams we have done lately.

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Have you been feeding any treats, and if so, what are they?

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Poor little thing. I hope someone can help you find a specialist and I hope the vet you are currently working with is willing to perhaps let you work out a payment plan for the ultrasound and at least keeps her on the meds as long as possible while you can find someone who may be able to help her,a band-aid is better than nothing for right now.Can you get a care credit account? Is there a low cost clinic in your area? I know that not everyone has these options but it certainly doesn't hurt to ask for a referral to a lower cost clinic such as through your local SPCA,try working out a payment plan or some other option so that your pup can get the care it needs and you can still afford to eat.hughughugwishes in getting her the care she needs.

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I am a JRT and I have a chronic stomach issue that the vets haven't been able to figure out, either. I get loud tummy noises (my mama says it sounds like there is a live kitty in my belly) and I don't want to eat, and I have the urge to poo all day long, but nothing comes out but some clear mucus with a little blood in it. Eventually, I vomit or make a big puddle of bloody/musousy goo and after that I am OK again.
My mama was keeping a spread sheet with food and treat ingredients to see if she could figure out what I was having a reaction to, and the closest she's been able to figure out is wheat. Sometimes it helps my tummy when she gives me a spoonful of plain yogurt in my food, but I don't like the taste of that very much and I always give her a hard time.