Comfortis gave my baby horrible side affects!

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Barked: Thu Jan 26, '12 3:54am PST 
frown Let me start off by saying, I'm aware that some dogs do great on this drug, but mine didn't.

We took our very healthy and hyper Okami to the vet in petsmart yesterday. We did give her an exam and made sure she was fine, nothing different on our side. But we live in Florida, Moving soon thank goodness, and this is flea and mosquito heaven. Upon the exam and showing that she was A-Ok, we got the medicine Comfortis because I had heard how great the pill was. The vet told me she may throw up after comsumption about a hr or so later....

Well, when we got home, we gave her a huge meaty meal. Then about 30 mins later we gave her the pill with bread, as the vet said to do. Everything was fine for the first hour, She didn't throw up so we thought we were in the clear and that she just had a strong stomach. How wrong we were. About 4 hrs after taking the pill, she started slowly walking around as if she ran for hours and had no water. She wasn't eating her 2nd meal, which she usually finishes off within 5 mins. And it progressively got worse where she just can't stand being on her feet. She keeps on shaking herself like when they shake water off, but her legs are too weak to stay in place while she does and she slides all over the place.

She won't go outside to use the bathroom and about 8 hrs later what we thought was sweat turned out to be red slimy itchy spots that she will not stop scratching and she is making them huge. We called the company and let them know about what was going on and the kind lady I spoke with told me that a LOT of people have been calling about that same thing happening to their dogs. 2 dogs even died! They were older dogs.

She gave me a case number and told me to call back if the condition worses but I needed to take her to the vet. We aren't able to take her to the vet until the weekend when we get paid. confused I don't even know what to do until she can get to the vet but for the itching. Does anyone know what a good remedy would be for that? I think I should get a cone for her because she just will not stop scratching it.

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Barked: Thu Jan 26, '12 5:06am PST 
Sorry, but if two dogs have died, I'd get her to the vet ASAP. Borrow money, pawn some stuff, use a credit card, make a payment plan, get Care Credit, something! This is obviously SERIOUS, it can't wait for a band-aid remedy.
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Barked: Thu Jan 26, '12 5:21am PST 

Dogs don't sweat. She is in some discomfort if she's shaking a lot. I would see if you can borrow the money and take her in to the vet right away. Reactions are never a good thing. You can give plain Benadryl for scratching and inflamation. I think it's 1mg per lb. is the recommended dosage. Most pills are 25 mg. Make sure it's the plain Benadryl, not mixed with anything else. Just the antihistimine. But I don't know if you should introduce the Benadryl while she's reacting to the Comfortis. I would call the vet and ask.

~Best of luck


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Barked: Thu Jan 26, '12 10:32am PST 
Please take her to the vet. Also call the company back and speak to someone (hopefully the same person) they may pay for her care for you.
hughughug and best wishes we will be praying for her and waiting for an update.

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Barked: Fri Jan 27, '12 2:45am PST 
When it comes to things like this it can be very serious. You cant wait a few days and see how they go. It's something that needs to be dealt with asap. We put Banjo on comfortis because his skinwas raw from his bad flea allegy and he did fine. He did throw up I think once but thats it. All dogs react to it differently.

Barked: Fri Jan 27, '12 3:18am PST 
I'm shocked at how many Dogsters are getting poison! The alternative is a much better option. Trust me, I know what is feels like when you get fleas, as I've had them. But, pesticides are only damaging your health and creating fleas that are stronger and stronger. Mom uses nontoxic flea control for me. I absolutely hate those nasty fleas! Did you know that for most of their life fleas don't even live on their host? They live in dark moist cracks in the floor and the basement! They come out when humidity is high. Just one pair of fleas can take over your home for years to come.

Barked: Fri Jan 27, '12 10:44am PST 
[UPDATE] She has been taken to the vet today. The Company is paying for her exam and blood work. Her skin was so badly infected that it's starts from the top of her head on down to her shoulder blades and upper part of her back, and it has a horrible smell. She was falling asleep while sitting down today as she was looking at me. It was so sad frown She hasn't been able to sleep right for 2 days since it started. We have no car so we couldn't get her there fast enough. We had to leave her at the vet and will be picking her up soon. I hope she gets better. We were given some bad news when they company told me that her having lethargy for over 72 hrs after comsumtion of the pill is bad. I hope I didn't make the biggest mistake of my life giving her that pill.

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Barked: Fri Jan 27, '12 11:24am PST 
Poor Okami,
Hope your baby is feeling much better.hughughug I'm also happy to hear the company is paying for everything. From your original post I thought they might. We will be praying that she makes a full recovery. wishes andbig hug to all of you.

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Barked: Fri Jan 27, '12 8:38pm PST 
Okami, I hope you are well soon and I am sorry you had such a bad allergic reaction.

I just wanted to point out that one can have an allergic reaction to just about anything. One should always carefully observe after any new medication or food, however just because one is allergic doesn't mean the product is bad. Penicillin will kill if one is allergic, peanuts as well.

I use comfortus and it is the most effective flea control I have ever run across. (We are in the Deep South; this is a flea Mecca)

Comfortus isn't actually a poison; the active ingredient is derived from a naturally occurring soil dwelling microorganism called Saccharopolyspora spinosa. The most common side effect is vomiting and it seems safe for most dogs. 2 dogs may have died but how many thousands simply got relief from fleas? , (Is there actual proof they died from the product? There may have been other problems that contributed to or caused the death)

Again, I am very sorry for your reaction and I hope you are well soon.
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Barked: Sat Jan 28, '12 12:30pm PST 
I know exactly how you feel. And now i'm a little nervous but I'm still going to try Comfortis. Jake needs relief from fleas and cannot have tropical application because they're poisonous and his skin can't take them.

But i do know exactly how you feel. I had a huge post on here a while back about reconcile. I put jake on that medication under the direction of a vet in the hopes that with training his anxiety would go away. or at least be lessened.

Needless to say we passed the common vomit time. He was great ate his meals and all. BUt about 5-7 hours after that. I put him in his crate to sleep and was awoken about 2:30 am to the sound of my dog urinating in his crate. I looked over and turned on the light to find jake sitting in runny feces, urine and vomit. He lost total control of his bowls. I got him into the bath tub were he proceeded to vomit and defecate and urinate.

His vet said that was a very rare extreme reaction to the medication.

I've met other dogs who do or did wonderful on reconcile. Do i blame the product for jake being sick because its a chemical? No. I mean it sucked it happened but the medication is good. Just not for jake. I also never took him to the vet for his symptoms. They cleared up finally around 8 am and he had solid stool the two days later after being on a chicken, rice and pedialyte diet for two days.
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