Dock dogs?

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Barked: Mon Oct 3, '11 7:24pm PST 
Ok so last weekend I went to a thing called salmon days.I got to see fish jump up stream to the hatchry smile Anyway it was a grate weekend I saw dock dogs there one of them jumped in the water & splased me.lol I might wanna join anyone know more about it? I also live in Washinton state.

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Dogsters Nallah, Morgan and pupper Remi are pretty heavily into it. Remi this year did PHENOMENALLY well on a national level if I remember right.

Hopefully they'll swing by with some info.

Otherwise online I'm sure if you search locally you'll find a chapter you can get involved with way to go

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Chance has done some dock dog dives at a couple of dog expos. The pool where she swims is owned by a woman who does dock dogs. We've been told Chance shows a lot of promise.
Unfortunately it takes about 10 minutes to get her out of the pool/body of water which kind of brings things to a halt.red face

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Tanuk is just getting into this. You can go to the dockdogs.com main page and find a state chapter, or just google dock dogs and your state. Our state's club has meetings all over the place, so it's convenient for everyone.

FYI: The dock dogs main page is under some construction right now.
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Charks just started jumping... we'll be competing come spring. She's a big bus and not likely to set records, but she absolutely loves it and, given her size, gets pretty good air. I'll try to get a video up on her Dogster page this evening.

We have a local dog training facility that offers some training in dock jumping and let's us buy some [cheap] dock time.

It IS great fun! laugh out loud

Hey Tanuk! So you guys jump too!? Very interesting.

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we went to a dock diving event (but we didn't pay to jump). It looked fun!

UKCC has some limited dock diving events too if you look it up.

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the link did not work

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Clicky Link:


If you go to links and affiliate clubs you should be able to find one in your area

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http://www.pugetsounddockdogs.org/ Western Washington
http://www.cascadedockdogs.org/ Southern Washington and Northern Oregon

my dog loves dock diving...he goes nuts over it!

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Charks - We started out with water rescue with the nearby Newf club, but Tanuk just isn't a retriever. He did amazing as far as I'm concerned, but where he really shined was just launching off the boats! Beat out all the Newfs, so we ditched that and just concentrated on dock diving! We're definitely the only Mal...and not setting any records either, but he loves it and is absolutely gorgeous doing it, so a win-win.