What did you say to your children?

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.


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About a year ago we had to say goodbye to our Saint, Benjamin at the age of 8. It was very sudden and sad, we had no even had him for 2 yrs yet.

At the time my husband was on deployment and so my at the time 2.5 yr old daughter was with me, can't say I would of done it differently if my hubby was home. My vet suggested that I tell her that Benji was going to be staying with them and not that he was dying. They said she would forget all about it. Well after about 8 months of her asking to go get him everyday or go see him, I told her he had passed away. She is now almost 4 and wakes up crying that she misses him atleast once a week (woke up to it this morning). Every told me she would not remember this, that she was way to young. She really doesn't understand the concept of being in heaven but I feel that explaining to her that he is in fact dead seems so wrong, I know it will cause her more sadness.

Anyone have experience with this? Any suggestions on how I can help her get through this? Her doctor said I am projecting my own feelings on her, that she can not remember that far back..but I beg to differ.

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My suggestion would be to tell her that Jesus knew that there was a little boy or girl angel in heaven that needed a big dog to play with so he called and asked if you could give him Benji to keep them company. And that Benji is watching over her through a special window in heaven. I hope this helps.

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What a wonderful response! That's a very simple,sweet way to explain the death of a pet to a small child.way to go I'll have to remember that just in case something like that were to happen. Thank-you.
So sorry for your loss as well.


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Thanks Mia..I will try that. I bought a book for children about loved ones going to heaven..so we will reread that and then discuss it. This morning she woke up and said I wish Bella was a boy dog and her name was Benjamin. Perhaps we should not of gotten another Saint..everyone was so sure that she was so young she would not remember him. She must of started dreaming about him and that is the cause of the sudden sadness. He has been gone since May 2010, and we were without a Saint for 8 months...I shouldn't of let my emptiness win over what was best for my daughter...I just didn't know it was going to be this hard on her for so long.confused

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Condolences on your loss of Benjamin. hug That had to be particularly difficult with your husband deployed and in harm's way.

While what the doctors are are saying may be true for children in general, you know your daughter better than they do. Trust you gut.

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I told my nephew that they were angels sent to us from heaven but we only got to keep them for awhile because someone else was waiting their turn.