What do you think of Padded Leather Dog Collars

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Im a character
Barked: Wed Jun 8, '11 8:51am PST 
Rite now she is using a pinch collar and im thinking of getting a padded one instead. Not sure if the that would cause her to be more uncomfortable (S.FL Heat), and also if its safe for when she tries to go after something or everything lol

too old to eat- any more KD
Barked: Wed Jun 8, '11 9:18am PST 
Both of da boyz use a flat collar, and have for their entire lives. I want to get them new collars for Wiley's b-day next week. I was thinking about leather. My concern would be rubbing/irritation. I don't think they would be any more uncomfortable during hot weather. I will check out the padded ones when I go to the pet store.

Im a character
Barked: Wed Jun 8, '11 10:06am PST 
Thanks squ, i have not found anyone in my area that sells padded collers

Sally Beaker-

Professional- Bone Horder
Barked: Thu Jun 9, '11 9:51am PST 
I've always used flat collars (the ones with a plastic buckle). I wish my dogs could wear leather collars but our Pittie, Molly enjoys eating them off the other dogs. =/
If you need a little extra control on Nala, have you thought about a martingale collar? They're typically used for sighthounds but they make them for other dogs too.

Spooky Mulder
Barked: Thu Jun 9, '11 5:06pm PST 
If you're thinking about a padded collar, its unlikely that you'll find one in a retail store. They are typically a specialty item, and unless you have a store near you that can order them, the odds of finding a good one are slim.

Fortunately there are tons of online retailers that carry them. Look for ones made for working dogs, they tend to be better quality.

Keep in mind, however, that if you're using the prong for control, the padded collar isn't going to do anything for you in that respect. Especially if you get a padded working collar, as they tend to be designed for agitation work, meaning they are built to be comfortable for the dog to pull and lunge in and will not hinder the dog in any way.

Im a character
Barked: Tue Jun 21, '11 8:17am PST 
thanks guys. i might have to look into the martingale collar. the prong collar does help allot, but i still feel guilty sometimes putting it on her. shes to sweet of a dog to have a prong collar. she just loves to chase things that move, and i mean anything that moves
Akbar RN CGC

Agility lover
Barked: Mon Jul 11, '11 5:12pm PST 
I'm not sure why you would feel bad for using a prong collar. I use one on my youngest dog because he has a lot of power behind him, 95lbs worth. I don't trust him on anything other then a prong. One day you'll be thanking yourself for using it. wink Also people aren't really educated about them. These collars can be abused just like choke chains can. These collars are designed to fit snug just behind their ears, so very high up and are used to give a lite tug. No popping like choke chains.

If you really want to use something else why not a halti? They make them fit around the nose area so when they pull their head turns towards you.

Also you can buy what's called a front style harness where the leash clips infront of the dog's chest and not behind them on their back. This harness is designed to turn them towards you if they pull because their body will move towards when pulling. It basically stops the pulling. I used this on my youngest one until he was 10 months and then went to the prong as he got into the butthead stage..lol

I've got it boss
Barked: Fri Jul 22, '11 10:20pm PST 
Look for a leather collar that is made from Amish leather. It tends to be softer. A good leather collar will not irritate the skin, but will offer less control than the pinch collar.