Fitting Frenchie under the seat

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Barked: Fri Mar 25, '11 8:00pm PST 
I am flying soon with my 8 month old frenchie & have come across some issues and was wondering if anyone else has been thru the same. The airline measurements for the under the seat bag seem pretty tiny. He is about 12 inches tall at the shoulders and the height listed online says 9 or 10 inches. If he just lays down in the bag the entire time & doesn't move much (he usually just sleeps while in the bag the whole time) will he still be able to fly? Do they measure the dog or the bag excessively? Thanks for any advice and info anyone has on this issue!
Oh and I'm flying Allegiant airlines if anyone has experience with pet traveling with them!
XOXOXO, Oliver & his mom =)

Barked: Tue May 24, '11 9:29pm PST 
hey... i'm flying with my frenchie on allegiant and wondering if you had any problems? what type a bag did you end up using?? thanks!!

Barked: Thu Dec 6, '12 11:11pm PST 
Wondering y'all's conclusions. I bought a large Sherpa bag she fits in well she a little too tall and heavy I fly in a month doing as much research as I can.