Doggy DNA Testing

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Lucky, NTD

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Barked: Thu Dec 23, '10 11:37pm PST 
We have long pondered what breeds Lucky is made up of. Australian Shepherd like the pound said? No, she's got a tail and isn't fluffy at all. Australian Cattle Dog? Maybe, but she doesn't herding drive. Schipperke? YES! Oh, wait. She's way to big. Our current guess is Schipperke/Cattle Dog mix, but we really don't know. shrug
So, we are interesting in getting a doggy DNA test done by Wisdom Panelâ„¢ Insights. It is done by getting a cheek sample and sending it it. It detects over 185 breeds! I'm pretty excited. snoopy
But, Dogsters, what do you think? Are these test accurate? dog


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Barked: Fri Dec 24, '10 12:31am PST 
Sometimes they are accurate, but most of the time they aren't accurate. Some Dogster's have had good experiences with them and the breeds it came back as are most likely correct and some have not had very good experiences with them and it is WAAYYY off!

I DNA tested my foster dog, Daisy (you can click on her profile), with Wisdom Panel Insights, and it came back as English Mastiff/Border Collie mix. I HIGHLY doubt that is correct. However I do see the Border Collie and I think she MIGHT have some German Shepherd somewhere in her lines or possibly Doberman.

Anyway, I wouldn't count on getting 100% accurate results, but you never know. smile

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Barked: Fri Dec 24, '10 12:47am PST 
Maybe Pepper or Snickers will pop in to give you their insight on these tests, but I think Lucky sort of look like PEPPER! She's a Chow Chow, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd and mixed up Mutt.

I hope you don't mind if I used you as an example Pepper. wink

Lucky also sort of looks like Mumbo (check out his profile), he may have some chow in him, not sure though.


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Barked: Fri Dec 24, '10 5:50am PST 
In my case it seemed at least MOSTLY accurate. Nala came back as 50% American Staffordshire Terrier, 25% American Bulldog (both very believable and exactly what I expected) and 25% Irish Wolfhound. That sounds a little crazy, but just because a dog doesn't look like a certain breed doesn't mean it's not in his or her ancestry. Anyway, I wouldn't take it TOO seriously, but it's fun to do! I think it would be interesting (if one had the funds to do it) to send your samples to multiple DNA testing companies and see if any of them come back the same. Only thing is most of them don't include as many breeds as Wisdom Panel.
Bruno CGC

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Barked: Fri Dec 24, '10 12:26pm PST 
I agree with Nala, it's a lot of fun to see what it comes up with, and don't take it too seriously. Your dog is still your wonderful mutt no matter what breeds come up in the analysis.

And did you know, MOST Australian Shepherds are actually born with tails? A minority are naturally tailless, but many are docked as newborns. So your dog could still be Aussie (Or Schipperke, they are not natually tailless either) even with a tail.

I got Bruno tested with the Insights test and it came up with 50% Chihuahua, 25% Shar Pei, and 25% Scottish Deerhound. The deerhound is the only one that seems fishy to me- I've NEVER seen a deerhound in real life, they are INCREDIBLY rare and I doubt too many are running around making mutt puppies. So I wonder if the test is confusing it with a related breed like the Irish Wolfhound or Bearded Collie or Greyhound. Who knows. I've been told the test is roughly 80% accurate, that's better than guessing but not guaranteed truth.

i'd say go for it- my test was only 60 dollars, that's not too much to assuage you curiosity.

Barked: Fri Dec 24, '10 12:52pm PST 
Buddy was tested using Wisdom Insights. He got no major breeds. He only had 2 minor breeds - Chow Chow and Mastiff. It said neither his parents nor grandparents were purebred. I can definitely see the Chow in him, but he's only 40 pounds so I'm not so sure about the Mastiff. It was fun to get the results! I went into it knowing it might not be accurate though. I had a friend who also did the test and she was extremely disappointed with the results. She is still trying to get her money back. I think if you go into with the right attitude it will be fun big grin

Also, I got the test of Amazon.com for a little bit cheaper than Wisdom sells it on their website.
Lucky, NTD

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Barked: Sun Dec 26, '10 11:56am PST 
I was gonna go for it, but my dad said no way. cry Thank you for your help anyways, guys. I send a little gift to all of you. Daisy and Mumbo, I'm SO sorry about the typos in your's. red face

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