Nothing Seems to Beat The Smell of Pee

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Barked: Thu Oct 21, '10 2:51pm PST 
Help ! This isn't really a "clean house" dilemma - it's a back yard nightmare. Our neighborhood in San Francisco was once all sand dunes. They built over them, however, our yard is essentially a sand pit. Scooping poo is simple, but the smell of dog pee in the sand is overwhelming and no mater what I've tried to do cannot overcome it. Whenver the back door is open (nearly always) the stink blows in. And I'm worried about neighbors complaining. Any ideas?

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Barked: Thu Oct 21, '10 2:53pm PST 
Dry sprinkling drywall dust on the pee spots. once it gets absorbed it takes the odor away & helps the grass regrow.
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Barked: Thu Oct 21, '10 7:30pm PST 
I second the drywall dust - it also works well for oil leaks from your car onto cement.


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Barked: Fri Oct 22, '10 3:09am PST 
I use a liquid lawn feeder with Vinegar and heavily saturate the ground with it. Then run it with the hose about once a month. Takes about a gallon of vinegar for about 1000 square feet to really be effective. I live in the desert, and it works great to absorb the smell from the gravel/dirt, avoid areas with plants though- since vinegar is a natural week killer (supposedly- never worked on my weeds frown ). It stinks while you're doing it, but it does get rid of the pee smell. It's safe for the pups as soon as the ground dries.

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Barked: Fri Oct 22, '10 8:28pm PST 
Pelletized lime works and is dog safe. It's available at home Depot in very heavy bags. I don't need it now. Lily and Moira do most of their urinating on walks, but when I had a coydog and a wolfdog, it was bad. I wonder if feral animals have stronger smelling urine. shrug
In Loving- Memory of- Frodo 4/

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Barked: Tue Nov 2, '10 6:15pm PST 
Thank you both ! Regret not checking back sooner. It just rained again and it's stinky. Luckily, my neighbors don't smell a thing becuase I've asked them several times, "Do you smell anything funky?" and they never have. Will add the dust tomorrow when I re-churn the sand.
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Barked: Tue Nov 2, '10 7:32pm PST 
Thanks to all. My comp messed up and I wasn't able to read last two posts. I think I will actually try the vinegar first, as I have a lot of it. That's what i use to clean about everything else. Definitely takes pet smell out of carpet. Have tried it as weed killer and it only worked against the ones through the cracks of the concrete patio.

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Pooh-Bear, not on topic, but......HOW ABOUT THEM GIANTS!!!!!

Now, back to regular programing.

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