Actual percentage of bone in a chicken neck?

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Barked: Mon Sep 27, '10 4:23pm PST 
Hello all! A friend and I are trying to calculate approximate ratios for the enormous haul of meat she just brought home (500+ pounds!), and we have hit a snag. How much of a chicken or duck neck is bone, percentage-wise? Any sources you guys have to share would be greatly appreciated (websites, etc.). I tried poking around the internet but have not gotten a clear answer... I even tried checking the raw-feeding spreadsheet (love that thing!) but it does not list necks as a commonly fed food item.

PS - Any suggestions for red meat RMBs that Jack Russell terriers can handle? Mine have had success with pork ribs and such... Is there any cut of beef or type of beef bone that will post a low risk of tooth breakage to a dog weighing 10-19 pounds?

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http://webprod.hc-sc. gc.ca/cnf-fce/index-eng.jsp
http://web.archive.org/web/200701011131 49/www.serve.com/BatonRouge/nutrition/bones_in_chicken_parts.htm

Take your pick!

http://webprod.hc-sc.gc.ca/cnf-fce/serving-portion.do?lang= eng&id=616
36% if the skin is on it.

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Not sure on the chicken neck thing sorry.

I give Saya pork ribs, pork rib tips, lamb ribs, shanks, and whole pork shoulders with skin on it the bones in the middle with tons of meat on it.

The shank I usually like her gnaw on it for a bit then I take it away, but it depends on the dog..

I don't plan on feeding Saya beef bones she doesn't strip the meat off to good and I think beef bones are too hard for her.


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Chicken source for future reference:
Chicken Model

You don't NEED beef RMBs, and as a small dog you will most likely not be able to put a mark in any of them. I hear that necks and ribs are the only penetrable beef bones, but Charlie was unable to get through a rib and he weighs 45 pounds so I'm not too convinced.

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George- Sullivan- Bailey

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Thanks guys! Charlie, that diagram of the chicken is AWESOME! Thanks a bunch! What a great resource!

As far as the RMBs, I know beef is not a requirement... Just wanted to know if there was something I missed. My Jacks and even Izzy, my 30-pound rescue mutt, cannot break beef ribs. They have successfully processed smaller oxtails and beef "flanken" style ribs (I always want to call them Frankenstein ribs), but that's about it in the beef bone department. Most of their RMBs are poultry with some fish thrown in every once in a while... lamb and pork ribs too.

Thanks again, everyone! As always, the Dogster raw forums are full of great advice! snoopy
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My Jack mix loves deer rib bones. She is a champ at powering right through them. She doesn't get to much beef as I can't afford it for the humans in the house little long to feed it to the girls. But if you can get your hands on some deer that is just as good if not a touch better than beef. She mostly eats chicken and pork for her bones. I am stocking ribs up this year though as she really loves them also. Even if they can't power through the bone just the chewing on them helps their teeth. Pulling the meat off will help the front teeth. Pixie loves to use her front teeth to pull meat off the bones.

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Whoops, totally forgot about oxtail! I feel like a dumby smile.