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Barked: Tue Jul 20, '10 10:21am PST 
hi! I am 3 months old and have a couple issues! Umm I still pee inside but will bug/bark at mum to go poop outside..
Secondly, and this is more serious, I think I suffer from separation anxiety when left alone. I will find stuff to destroy, chew furniture and bark & whine. Oh yeah I am also deaf...any advice dogsters?

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Barked: Tue Jul 20, '10 10:37am PST 
Any pup will chew on just about anything when left alone at 3 months old. Have you thought about crate training your pup? That will help with housetraining as well as keep your pup safely confined when you can't supervise him.

Try getting safe chew toys like puppy Kongs. You can even fill them with yummy treats and freeze them, great for teething pups. Also, make sure that you confine your pup to a safe area (if you're not using a crate)that has been puppy-proofed. That's similar to what you'd do for a human toddler, make sure no electrical cords are within reach, cover outlets, etc. Provide plenty of chews and toys that are acceptable for your pup to chew on...they can't help but chew on everything within reach. Whenever my pup would go after something wrong, I'd hand her a chew toy and say "chew toy" and praise her when she started chewing it, and she did learn the difference.

Seriously consider crate training, it can help with both of these problems. http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/cratetraining.htm

Best of luck with your adorable pup!blue dog

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Firstly your pup is still very young. He needs to go out at least once every hour until he catches on. Maybe even once every 30min's if he's still peeing inside. Watch him like a hawk when he is not crated. If you're not crated you can't let him out of your site. Watch for sniffing and circling, then say, "Outside" and take him out.

It's very normal for a pup to chew on anything and everything. Pups explore with their mouths. Anything near it is going in it so have lots of toys and kongs for him. If he chooses the couch or shoes redirect him to his toy.

Don't make a fuss over him when you leave. Just get your keys and go. Fussing can make him insecure. Also if you spend every waking moment with him when you're home he'll not learn how to be alone. This is why a crate is good. Put him in it with a kong and go do the laundry, etc. Best to put the crate in your room where he can SEE you at night and feel safe.

Found a good site for training a deaf dog. There are a few on here with deaf dogs so you're not alone!

Training and living with a deaf dog!

Give him time to settle and be patient, he's very young. He'll not be potty trained overnight wink


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thanks for the advice and we are working on crate training!