Morkie Puppy Food Amounts

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Barked: Sun Jun 20, '10 8:42pm PST 
I recently adopted a 12 week old Morkie that currently weighs about 3 lbs. Any suggestions of feeding amounts and frequency? Thanks.
Maxwell Smart

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Barked: Sun Jun 20, '10 10:05pm PST 
For the first few days with our dog, we free-fed, but after about a week, we started feeding twice a day, because that fits our schedule best. Depending on your job, you may have the ability to feed three times a day. I know people who recommend both frequencies with puppies.

As for amount, it depends what you're feeding. A kibble with higher protein means you would feed less, while a kibble with less protein means you would feed more. Kibbles that have a lot of grain high in the ingredient list means your dog will need to eat more to feel full.

For example, the food we are on is 36% protein, and he weighs 9.5 lbs. so he gets 5/8 c. per day, split into two feedings. When we were on a food with lower protein, 33%, he was eating 1 c. per day, split into two feedings.

Also, on most bags of kibble, there is a range for weight, age and activity level. For our food, the range is 5/8 c. - 1 1/4 c. for our dog's age, weight and activity level.

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A Morkie? laugh out loud

About 3/4 cup a day. It does depend on what you are feeding. The better quality food the less you will have to feed.


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I am assuming a morkie is a Maltese/Yorkie? In that case, your puppy should be fed frequently as both breeds are prone to hypoglycemia, I would feed maybe 4 times a day to start, and then gradually decrease the times fed as your puppy gets older. How much to feed depends on what type of food you are feeding, if you are feeding something like Puppy Chow/Beneful etc you will have to feed a lot more of it than something like Wellness or Blue Buffalo, in order to get the same amount of nutrition. My 4.5# chihuahua who is full grown eats 1/4 cup daily split into 2 meals, she also gets snacks throughout the day as she is prone to hypoglycemia due to health issues. However growing puppies need a lot more nutrition than adults do, so you will need to feed more frequently.

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Morkies are cute! I have Chorkies! big grin 3/4 cup once a day sounds pretty good.

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Did you "adopt" this "morkie" from a breeder?

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"what" is "up" with the "quotes"?