Peoples' reaction to chihuahuas.

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Foxxy Roxxy!
Barked: Tue Apr 6, '10 1:17pm PST 
I think we have all got the people who gush over dogs in general. But I am getting cars slow down to ask what kind of dog I have when I walk her, (she is a long haired, I don't think many people outside of chihuahua owners that truely know the breed understand there is this coat on chihuahua.) I am 15 so it worries me when cars are slowing down so I usually bring my large dog to be there for extra protection. I was just wondering if anyone gets people like this? Also the people who are laughing and pointing. I couldn't really care less what people think, but does this happen to you? I am 5'9 and my dog is 6pds, I could see how that is a funny sight I guess. Thanks in Advance for your answers! wave

Angel Princess
Barked: Tue Apr 6, '10 2:29pm PST 
haha, I know what you mean! People always think Harley is a pomeranian! HELLO, she's a chi wink

As far as what people think about them, I really don't care dancing
Penny Mouse- Fart Ayala

I eat, therefore- I am.....
Barked: Tue Apr 6, '10 7:07pm PST 
My Penny attracts ALOT of attention! She's a black hairless (per her dermatologist) Chi and she's 3 & 3/4 lbs of happy. She's a bit unusual looking but I'm 5'8" and she's teeny tiny and I don't carry her. She'd much rather be down on the floor, smelling everything in sight. The only time she wants picked up is when there's big dogs around that get too curious about her. I carry pepper spray in case of large dog attack and have only had to use it once. Curiously it was a loose Daschound that tried to attack us! No problems with the pits and rotties in the area at all. They're sweeties! Everyone who sees her first asks what breed she is, then asks how much she weighs. Little kids all want to pet her, and she loves kids, but I hold her to control the kids contact with her because they don't realise how fragile she is. Generally people react with surprise and delight! She's an attention getter for sure!!!


Foxxy Roxxy!
Barked: Tue Apr 6, '10 8:20pm PST 
My family has a dog that's a german shep./rotti mix and we are currently taking care of my grandma's pug. The pug is just okay with Roxxy, but I really have to be sure to watch him. But our mix Bo is soo good with Roxxy, in the winter Roxxy lays herself right on top of him. He knows when to play and how to play with her. They play tug-a-war sometimes and he could probably injure her if he played rough but he plays with her very nicely and even let's her win!

*Runs around*
Barked: Sat Apr 17, '10 10:50pm PST 
Ever since I got Lizzie (who was my 1st ever Chi) people always think she is aggressive shrug She rarely gets any "positive" attention when she does get positive attention it's usually by Chihuahua breeders and other chi owners who actually understand the breed.

This past summer when we were flying from Sea-tac to Northern CA there was this shy little girl in front of us, she was about 2 or 3 years old and she really anted a chi and she actually knew a lot about them, I was really suprised, she actually asked if she could pet Lizzie and put her hand near her, so Lizzie could sniff her first and as she was petting Lizzie she was telling me how her mom wouldnt let her get a Chi, I was about to go up to her mom and tell her to get her one right now big laugh As of today I still haven't met anyone else, that educated about Chi's.
Ruby and- Tazy

Barked: Fri Apr 30, '10 2:15pm PST 
I've had people actually say "why are you walking that rat on a leash?"
Lots of people have negative things to say about chis but you really just have to brush it off because only people that have been around em or have owned them really know just how amazing this breed is.

Barked: Wed May 12, '10 5:00am PST 
Hi everyone we're new here! A lot of people ask me if Blaze I'd a papillion, she gets pom a lot to but I recently got a pom and when there next to each other she usually get papillion. Blaze is a long hair too. Cream and white.

I love food
Barked: Sun Jul 25, '10 10:12pm PST 
Hi to the New People! big grin Hi! *waving*wave Most People here Like Chihuahuas Because our City is a Very Latino City. we have Chi's EVERYWHERE!! I see 1 at lease Everyday and I want to pick it up But My Mom won't Let me!! frown
My Family Loves them! they all went one! and our Friends Breed them smile so here in SA they are Very Popular. Sometimes People call Paco a Rat. But he really Look like a Dog. Not like Most Chi's. I hope that's Good :| LOL!
-Pamela and Paco smile

Barked: Fri Jul 30, '10 3:37am PST 
Hey everyone!

We get the exact some thing. Its really a mixture of positive and negative. We usually get the nasty "rat on a lead" comments. I find that men are usually the ones who feel the need to say that kinda stuff.
We've also had "Why have you been putting your dogs in the washing machine" (a joke that they've shrunk), "Thats not a real dog" (because apparently real dogs are of a certain size and weight lol wink ) and just the other day
Ignorant fool: "Is that dog a Chihuahua?"
Me: "yes"
Ignorant fool "Oh, because I thought it was a rat"
Me: "Yeah I almost mistook you for one as well *big smile*".

I think its to do with insecurity. I usually just smile and walk on but sometimes I retaliate.

I do get the really nice people too who will come over, talk to me and ask to pet them. I guess there are all sorts out there!big grin

Bear Hugger!
Barked: Thu Aug 5, '10 5:54am PST 
Yo Quiero Taco? Bell?thinking
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