focal seizures or throat spasms

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There are some old posts about dogs having what seemed to be focal seizures (throat spasms) where they would start licking the carpet or trying to eat fabric or going outside and ripping out tufts of grass to eat. Marta has done this off and on since she was about 1 year old. We tried treating for acid reflux but that did not help. We are in the beginning stages of treating as seizures and treating with Phenobarbitol. The attacks always seem to start in the evening and can be 15 minutes or several hours. Just wondering if other cases of this same behaviour have been diagnosed and treated with success. There is an accentuated swallowing behavior during the attacks.

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Shellie - *RIP*

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I do this, but we pinned my down to an OCD/Anxiety type behavior, I have been on Prozac for a few months and it has drastically reduced the amount of carpet licking/grass/plant pulling I do. big grin At first we did treat me with Ritalin but it didn't seem to help all that much and you can only have one prescription of it, no refills (federal law). The prozac has really helped, and we get 3 months supply at walmart for $10.00

I must keep- everything under- control.
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It doesn't sound like Shellie exhibited the spasm behavior and swallowing reaction?


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Hi, how'd treatment go? My dog is currently having this problem...
Tanuk CGC

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Very interesting thread that was dug up. Anyone have any more info on this? I'd be interested seeing as how Tanuk has had legitimate seizures and has this history of vomiting, though normal acid reflux treatments don't do squat.
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Complete randomness, but there is a very similar condition in humans, except it is neurological. The brain sends the wrong signals causing parts of the throat (usually the vocal chords) to contract. They treat it with regular shots of botox smile