Best Companion Dog Breed for GSD

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Barked: Sun Mar 14, '10 11:05pm PST 
I've always thought of getting a second dog and wondered what type of breed mixes best with GSD's. What would be an ideal companion? Another german shepherd or other breeds that they do well with. My boyfriend has a border collie whom she plays with but their body types of different and they don't have as much fun romping around as they could. So I'm just curious what people think about a good breed companion of a GSD smile

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Barked: Mon Mar 15, '10 7:04am PST 
I have 2 gsds who have formed a close bond, but my first guy loved playing with boxers, border collies, labs, & rotties before I got the pup. The puppy will always play with other gsd's over the other dogs at the park He also goes apes over a mastiff, but they are the same age. I think as long as their temperaments & energy levels match any larger breed could be a good companion. You know your dog, so start from there.

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Barked: Mon Mar 15, '10 8:43am PST 
smile Alexander's older brother is a Basset Hound. They get along FAMOUSLY!! smile


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Barked: Mon Mar 15, '10 7:18pm PST 
I got my GSD to be a companion for my siberian husky. He was supposed to be the calmer of the two, but still wear her down. It's the other way around. They love to play together.

Maybe take Strider to a dog park and see if he gravitates to any other breed in particular. He may at 3 years old enjoy being an only dog so I would strongly suggest a meet and greet to see if he is accepting of another dog first.

Barked: Mon Mar 15, '10 10:25pm PST 
thanks guys! I was wondering how GSD's bond with each other. My only concern is that is I got two GSD's some of their bad habits might intensified. For example their tendencies to worry and stuff. I thought maybe throwing a lab in the mix would be a positive thing. I've just noticed she needs someone her own size to match up with, because she likes to play rough a bit.
Buddy and Sadie

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Barked: Wed Mar 17, '10 5:16am PST 
We always say another GSD!!! Buddy and Sadie are best friends! It was a little more difficult raising 2 pups from the same litter at the same time, so I'm sure having pups from 2 different litters is easier...and the young pup will learn from the big pup! wave

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Barked: Thu Mar 18, '10 4:27pm PST 
We got a mutt - we think she's a GSD mix, but there's no way to know. Her personality is very different from Beau's, so they complement each other. She's tough enough to play with him, but will defer to him when needed.

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Barked: Mon Mar 22, '10 11:01pm PST 
It all depends on the energy and temperament of both dogs. GSDs have a wide range of energy, some are energetic, some are lazy, and others are in between. Since you already know the GSD why not get a second one? I have 3 and always plan on having shepherds, there is no better breed IMO. big grin I doubt your next puppy regardless of breed will react the same way as your first if they have excellent temperament. All three of mine are different. If I were at a park this is how it would go, Cody ignores other dogs and either follows me or plays with his ball, Isa does not like dogs in her face, and Akbar thinks every dog was put on this earth for him. All three are different in that aspect. There are "habits" your new puppy can learn but those are things taught. Sometimes like lifting the leg for males, my puppy learned it from watching my older male at 3 months.