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Barked: Thu Feb 25, '10 9:02pm PST 
I love the breed and always will. Have had mini Schnauzers since 1987 and now have 5. I'm very distraught right now because they are all getting sick one after the other and it's so overwhelming and stressful. The three youngest will turn 8 in June; two of which are having health issues. One lost a lot of weight which we found out was due to diabetes three weeks ago. She now needs insulin twice a day. The other is presently hospitalized with acute pancreatitis. I miss her horribly. The 8+ year old mother suffers with pulmonary interstitial disease and her breathing continues to be compromised with each passing day. The father will soon turn 12 and is losing his vision and ability to walk well and has painful, tender hindquarters. All I have left healthy is the third sibling, Molly. I hope I don't jinx her now. All this is coming back to back and forced me to look into and purchase pet insurance as the expenses are mounting with vet costs, medications, special foods and the like. Now I have four dogs to dose everyday and some days I barely muster the energy to take care of myself. I love my dogs so much that I put myself last all the time. My advice to fellow Schnauzer owners is don't let those sweet puppy eyes control you when you eat. DO NOT GIVE THEM TABLE SCRAPS, cheap commercial dog foods or treats with wheat, corn, gluten, byproducts and artificial ingredients. Watch the fats, carbs, sugar and salt and focus on protein and natural foods. Some vets push particular brands that benefit their business more than the dog; always get a second opinion and read up on what your dog suffers from. Look into healthy supplements with the help of a holistic vet. SAM-e and milk thistle support the liver, antioxidants help the immune system fight off disease. Probiotics help with digestion. Chinese remedies are awesome and can sometimes be used in lieu of medications. Take care of your furry babies before they get sick. Don't overindulge your dogs with too many unhealthy treats and table scraps. I had to learn the hard way and now I have to learn how to undo all the harm I've done by not being well informed and more careful. God bless our little furballs and be sure to see the vet and inoculate at regular intervals and protect them from ticks, fleas and mosquitoes!

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Barked: Fri Mar 5, '10 11:18am PST 
The Schnauzer I had before Sophie was a little girl named Gracie. I got Her from my neice because Gracie was not liking her first baby Malory very much. Tried to bite her. She was 9 when I got her. A little after a year she became Diabetic also. Had a crappy vet at the time who really did'nt know how to treat a dog that is Diabetic. Long story. Anyhow she became blind from cateracts because of high sugar. I gave her 2 shots a day for 6 years. Lived to be 16. Died from choking on a piece of apple. I really loved her. When we got Sophie as a 7 week old pup I did a lot of reading on the web about dog foods. The stuff they sell in big box stores is poison. I won't name any brands here, but everyone has seen there ads. It is the key to keeping your dog out of the Vets office.It has been a struggle because Sophie is a really picky eater. Schnauzer owner's need to be aware the the breed can become Diabetic quite quickly with no warning signs. they just get really sick. As they age ask your vet about checking the sugar level. Study and buy good food. Your pups will be happy if you do.
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Barked: Tue Mar 23, '10 8:33am PST 
ah wow, I know, when I was akid, we got our first schnauzer around 1987 too, and i's pretty devastating to see what popularity has done to the breed. It seems that the lines haven't been monitored closely enough. It's bad enough that our first got bladder stones from the potassium ash they put in the food, and then in old age she had liver disease and stroke, which is not surprising considering her weight, but she was a pretty healthy dog until she got old. It seems that a lot of them now are getting early cataracts, diabetes, and cancers.

The dogs we got after kenzo died, the dog came from a litter that as it turns out, he was the only one who did not get liver shunts, so we were glad we got him neutered. As much as he conforms to breed standard, we weren't going to risk passing on faulty genetics . The bitch is a very poorly bred parti-color animal that has a very shy temperament and very bad teeth. That is a great pity. no terrier-type dog should have poor teeth or a soft mouth, or a fearful personality. Such traits deny them their purpose as a ratter and rough, though small, farm dog.

Anyways, the dog has got benign sebaceous tumors at the tender age of nine, and he had a hernia around his belly button. Also, I have not met the schnauzer yet that didn't suffer those icky blackheads that they get. So, yeah, I am really worried about the soundness of the breed too.

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Barked: Fri Mar 26, '10 7:17am PST 
Zoe, I'm sorry your schnauzer family is going through everything.
Poor breeding is a huge factor when it comes to popular breeds like the mini schnauzer. Because there are so many puppy mills and BYB that produce such poor quality dogs, thier health suffers, and so does the health of thier offspring and so on.
I agree that as dog owners we need to do the best we can in careing for our furry friends, including educating ourselves on foods.
Good luck.