Puppy vaccine question

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Barked: Sat Feb 20, '10 9:07am PST 
Penny was 12 weeks old yesterday, and just got her second round of shots this morning. They just gave the Parvo/distemper/other things combination, they are saving the rabies for another day because she is so small.

Now she keeps whining and crying when moving around. She's a little bit sleepy, too. Am I correct in thinking that she's just feeling a little pain from the injection site?

Should we still go to puppy socialization class this afternoon?
Morgan- Prentiss

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Barked: Sat Feb 20, '10 3:07pm PST 
I was the same way....don't worry! It's how us little puppies get after shots.

Can I eat that?
Barked: Sat Feb 20, '10 8:04pm PST 
Our pup had a similar reaction to a couple of her shots. She was back to her old self in a 6-8 hours.

Regarding the puppy class, it's really important so I wouldn't skip it. Just tell the trainer the situation and I'm sure they'll be accomodating if your puppy isn't feeling like her normal self.