hamstring muscle atrophy/weakness.

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bunny hunter,- nut case
Barked: Wed Feb 3, '10 9:19am PST 
my 13 1/2 yo gordon suddenly got very weak yesterday in his hip extensors,and can get up only with difficulty today. he is also losing his balance and cannot lift his leg to pee.
His muscles in the hip/hamstring area have been atrophying for over a year, but so have his facial /skull bones also becoming more prominent.
I know he is old,and i would not do any tests for surgery options,but i wondered if he could benefit from anything, maybe steroids?

Code name:- Farmcollie
Barked: Wed Feb 3, '10 10:19am PST 
I think you should go visit your vet, if it is joint problems supplements or adequan or some other prescribed pain killer could help. You also might want to check for tick-borne diseases; I think some of those can cause loss of facial/head muscles.

Princess and the- Pea
Barked: Wed Feb 3, '10 11:15am PST 
Also feed as much protein as is healthy for him. Older dogs are less efficient at using the food taken in so need more protein. Even if he does have some problem that requires a special diet try to get what ever protein that is healthy for him in and give him as much gentle exercise as you can.


bunny hunter,- nut case
Barked: Thu Feb 4, '10 8:11am PST 
Thank you for your interest in helping.
Let me try to better state the question.
Hayduke has atrophy and weakness of his hip extensors. He can still walk over 1/2 mile,but has started falling,and he cannot balance on 1 rear leg to pee,just in the last 2 days.
It is probably a problem in his spine.
I just did not want to overlook something else that could be treatable, perhaps with prednisone. I will probably try that anyway.
I am also looking into "wheels".
Thank you.It is really heartbreaking to watch this once great athlete fall.

bunny hunter,- nut case
Barked: Sat Feb 27, '10 10:05am PST 
3 weeks later, and Hayduke is much improved with no treatment. Back to pulling on his leash for every sight and scent walking a mile 3x a day. No falls, and raising his leg high for every peestop

Master P.'s- Masters Degree
Barked: Sat Feb 27, '10 11:03am PST 
Could possibly be neurologic...
Degenerative Myelopathy:
Degenerative myelopathy occurs when the nerves in the spinal cord no longer properly function, causing mobility issues with the hind legs, including dragging of a hind leg, weakness, difficulty standing, loss of hind leg muscle mass and trouble with defecation.
Hope he gets better!!!

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Barked: Sat Feb 27, '10 11:05am PST 
cheercheercheercheer Glad you're doing better Hayduke and so glad you're not on Prednisone .

Boomer Did It
Barked: Sat Feb 27, '10 5:42pm PST 
Hydrotherapy is a great low impact workout to strengthen muscles, especially in the hind legs. May want to look into that to help with his issues.