2010 Iditarod Action Alert

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Barked: Sun Jan 17, '10 8:40pm PST 
This page lists the year 2010 Iditarod sponsors, and promoters as well as individual musher sponsors. We encourage you to send them a letter or email to protest their involvement with this event.

If you are going to boycott a company, please mention it in your letter.

2010 Race Sponsors

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Barked: Fri Jan 22, '10 4:55pm PST 
Sooooo....Let’s just stop the sport altogether by cutting funds..........shrug


Not every musher treats their dogs badly. Why don’t you set up a stand or something there to promote the "good treatment of sled dogs" instead? Don’t try to stop the event altogether. It’s just not realistic, and truly unfair for those that love the sport and love their dogs very much.

Remember “Education not Legislation!!”
way to go

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Barked: Fri Feb 5, '10 5:51am PST 
I am with you Khuno. I really dislike the Iditarod. Period.
I've seen and researched that too much to support it.
Every single year too many dogs die from snow making machines, BAD handlers/mushers, mistreatment, accidents, sick dogs from ulcers, major injuries.
A good number of these dogs live their 'off' time in kennels and train behind ATV's and don't get a whole lot of socialization. They don't get rest, they are pushed and pushed to RUN.
It would be nice if the mushers treated their dogs great and they had loving homes in their OFF time and it was like this for all of the dogs but every year this race leaves too many dogs DEAD. Not worth it.


My dog is- spoiled, as he- should be!
Barked: Fri Feb 5, '10 6:30am PST 
Just wanted to add that requests for changes in rules/legislation and groups have been at it for years to have better treatment for the dogs.
Many injuries and even deaths go unreported and you find out about them later on.
Some of the issues often don't come about from the mushers but from some of the conditions...harness accidents from being all tied together, being left out in the elements while the musher sleeps and an attack from larger animals, all sorts of issues have been going on with this race for many years.
I, personally, just can't get behind this sort of thing. I do not see any value to it. I see a lot more cons to it and they are at the expense of the dog.
My apologies if I offend anyone! Don't mean to...

I'm a trilingual- dog!
Barked: Fri Feb 5, '10 7:09am PST 
“Good treatment of sled dogs” = take away the winning prize money and cut the ridiculous distance to something reasonable = not much of an Iditarod anymore. shrug

Khuno and mom, I'll be sure to write to some of those groups.

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Barked: Tue Feb 9, '10 9:56am PST 
It would be interesting to see how many people would still compete if there was no prize money. I'm sure there are plenty of mushers who could care less about the money, but I'm also sure there are plenty of mushers that only care about the money.

The length is long....maybe they could enforce mandatory rest periods instead of shortening it. I think people like the tradition of the length. The mandatory rest periods wouldn't be just a few hours....it would be maybe like a whole days rest....and you'd have to give the dogs that days rest within so many miles of running. And once you clock in to that rest period, the officials would like lock your sled or something so you couldn't leave early. I don't know, just a thought.

I think if you made the race longer in terms of days (not miles traveled) that would weed out even more people who don't seem to care. If you truly love your dogs, you'd want to spend all that time with them. And a whole days rest won't matter to you. Those that are in it purely for the competition will want to finish as fast as possible and push the dogs over the limit. If you enforce these long rests periods, I think those overly competative people won't have the patience to deal with it.

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Barked: Wed Feb 17, '10 10:01am PST 

You can count me on board!

Any dog that dies in such an event is one too many.

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Barked: Thu Feb 25, '10 12:24pm PST 
Why punish everyone for a few bad apples. I know a few mushers that in my opinion are very responsible. As with EVERY sport involving animals there will be people that bring a bad name to the sport. Ban the deed and not the sport.

Bein bad- easy,not gettin- caught hard
Barked: Fri Feb 26, '10 3:27pm PST 
So are you telling my there has never been a herding dog killed while working?? Should we tell those people to stop using dogs for that too? While I agree that there needs to be reform I also think its like telling a retriever to never chase a ball, a cattle dog to never herd, or a hunting dog to never hunt.

I know there mushers who make no $$ at all from mushing. One guy I know doesnt usually enter the big races because it costs too much and that isnt his focus. Mushing is his LIFESTYLE!

I'm a trilingual- dog!
Barked: Fri Feb 26, '10 3:46pm PST 
Honey, we're not talking about mushing. We're talking about the Iditarod.. a competitive 'sport'.

If herding dogs had a competition and it ended up with some killed, then yes! There is every right to protest such an extreme sport.

Day to day situations of a real life working dog is so different than sport.. it is for livelihood and not purely money and fame. shrug
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