It's my BIRTHDAY!!!

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rorrow row
Barked: Mon Dec 14, '09 4:42pm PST 
I turned one year today! I got lots of toys and special treats as presents from the folks. I really wanted a new bed so I have one in each room of the house, but I think I might get that for Xmas instead. Mom doesn't know I already found it!

Every dog eat a treat to celebrate with me!

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Stella Agnes- CGC/TDI

CGC, Therapy- Dog. My velcro- girl!
Barked: Mon Dec 14, '09 4:44pm PST 
Happy Birthday to you! From: Stella, Hazel, Lucy, Desi party

i haz mai bone
Barked: Mon Dec 14, '09 4:44pm PST 
Happy Barkday!


I have fragile- psychi
Barked: Mon Dec 14, '09 4:48pm PST 
happy happy birthday from my brother and me. boomer and homer partypartypartyblue dogblue dogpartypartypartywisheskittykitty
Tucker, CGC,- TDI

Bloggin' Dog
Barked: Mon Dec 14, '09 7:18pm PST 
Happy Birthday!


*insert fart- noise*
Barked: Mon Dec 14, '09 10:51pm PST 
Happy birthday! party
Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae
Barked: Tue Dec 15, '09 12:58am PST 
Woof--Happy Birthday Shifty!! partyparty
From, Sallie Mae, Chili, & Kirby Joe

Cave canis- vigilo omnis
Barked: Tue Dec 15, '09 7:09am PST 
Happy Birthday, Shifty! party

(that is SUCH an awesome name!) big grin

I'm a huge- dog...in a- little package
Barked: Tue Dec 15, '09 7:36am PST 
Happy Birthday! party

My little pink- lawn dart
Barked: Tue Dec 15, '09 10:01am PST 
Happy Birthday from our family to you!!partyparty
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