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Barked: Tue Dec 8, '09 4:01pm PST 
Does anyone have a good recommendation for some cost effective, yet good pet insurance?
Penny Mouse- Fart Ayala

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Barked: Tue Dec 8, '09 8:12pm PST 
Check out VPI's web page. Lotsa good info there. I have VPI myself (DO NOT work for them!) and am happy, although as most insurances, pre-existing conditions and breed prone conditions are excluded. Cost effective, also! Check it out.......

Barked: Thu Dec 10, '09 9:16am PST 
We're with VPI as well, and it's one of the only pet insurance Co. that vets in our area will work with on anything. They have two versions of each plan offered: Standard and Premium. The coverage is the same, but the reimbursment is better with the Premium. We really like it!


Barked: Wed Apr 14, '10 8:12am PST 
You can check several pet insurance plans which are cheap and have good coverage.

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Barked: Wed Apr 14, '10 8:54am PST 
We have Pet Plan and have been happy. You can choose your own deductable, coverage level, and coinsurance level to find a monthly rate that works for you. They also do not use tables of "usual and customary" fees to determine what they will pay, which is nice. They don't cover pre-existing conditions but DO NOT exclude hereditary, breed-specific conditions like hip dysplasia.

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Barked: Wed Apr 14, '10 11:20am PST 
I would be very careful with pet insurance. They love to use loop holes. Heres my take. I tried to insure Lincoln because I would need help the next ear hematoma that occured. My vet said it wasnt considered a pre-existing condition as any dog is prone to them. My vet said the only way it was pre existing is if it happened in the exact same spot. They wont cover me..

Now my friend last year had a Golden Retriever. Purchased him from a breeder at 8 weeks of age. He came with a 3 year unconditional health guarentee. She had his hips certified at 12 months then finally through OVC at 24 months. Hips were excellent. The dog lived and lived a wonderful life. When he turned 8 (last year) she noticed he was limping. Brought him into the vet for an x-ray and turns out his left hip developed dysplasia from age. He would need surgery to fix it up. So she went through with it, filed her claim and they denied her.

Why? First since it wasnt pre existing they couldnt use that loophole, since they cover heriditary breed conditions they couldnt use that loophole. But the latter, the decided to say well when you signed up for insurance you never signed on for an extra $5 month for hip protection. Ummm...she read through her contract a million times and never once found in the form she filled out any mention of hip insurance. They said it came out about 2 years after she was insured and if she called up every year to ask if new things were out or policies change that she would of been told about it and therefore they would cover her dogs surgery.

She called in about 5 times in her dogs life to file claims and never once did they offer this $5 a month extra for hip protection. So she got stuck with a $3500 vet bill. I called up and asked about getting mine insured and asked about hip protection and they told me they didnt do that it was covered in everything. So I would be careful

This isnt the only story I have heard I did see the a link for horror stories regarding some insurance companies, of course dont believe the reviews you see on their website as I am sure they only post good reviews and throw away bad ones. Think about it..they are making money somewhere.

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Barked: Wed Apr 14, '10 11:44am PST 
I use PetFirst and LOVE IT big grin

Silly Gilly
Barked: Wed Apr 14, '10 10:23pm PST 
I have VPI and was glad when my dog needed two route canals. Total cost was around 1500 dollars and they paid over 700 dollars of that. This is better dental coverage than I have through the Post Office where I work! I was getting the extra coverage that paid for shots and basic stuff, but the company showed me that it wasn't saving me anything, so I canceled that extra rider this year (my dog is 9). This tells me they are an honest company and will advise you honestly, to save you money. Good luck.
Addy, CGC

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Barked: Wed Apr 14, '10 11:35pm PST 
Go look at Pet Insurance Review. They're an independent site, and you can read customer reviews along with all the other information.

Not every company writes insurance in every state, and you can check on whether a particular company is available in your state, too.

I have Embrace insurance for Addy. You can choose your maximum coverage, your deductible, and your copay within certain ranges. There are discounts for multiple pets, for pets who are microchipped, for pets who are spayed/neutered. They will bill you either annually or monthly, and they'll switch from one to the other if your circumstances change. They cover genetic conditions and breed-specific conditions, as long as they haven't already been diagnosed when you sign up. Your reimbursement is based on your actual vet bill, not on a set "reasonable and customary" benefit schedule as with VPI (which can make a huge difference in the amount you actually get back.)

If something major is happening, and you have enough flexibility to do it in terms of how fast the treatment needs to be, you can contact them beforehand and get the treatment/costs pre-approved, so that you know beforehand what your reimbursement will be. That's optional, though, and you don't need to do that in order to collect.

Since they reimburse to you directly, it doesn't matter whether your vet is "willing to work with" Embrace. It will obviously make things easier if your vet will cooperate with them and with you, but even if your vet refuses, you can still go ahead with treatment knowing what you can expect for reimbursement.

And Embrace has fantastic customer service.

No, I don't work for them; I've just become a bit of a fan over the last couple of years.big grin

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Barked: Wed Dec 29, '10 4:19pm PST 
I bought a plan from PetPartners www.petpartners.net I filed a claim a few months after purchasing my policy and they paid every bit of their portion and the payment was very timely. I recommend them.
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