"Akita's are genetically aggressive"

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Barked: Mon Nov 2, '09 11:44am PST 
What do you say to the person who claims that Akitas are aggressive by nature, due to their genetics?
I personally dont believe that any breed can be pinpointed to be "aggressive" on a whole- but I was recently "discussing" the issue with a classmate who insists that Akitas are aggressive due to their genetics and that it is possible to breed in aggression. - another statement I do not agree with... breeds can be powerful breeds but attacking another dog and attacking a person is not a natural behavior and I dont believe that dogs are born (bred) aggressive- its not an inheritable trait. Temperament is, aggression isn't - aggression is a behavior...
but he's insisting that akitas are breed aggressive and that you can "breed anything into an animal"

anyone have some good arguments for me??

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Barked: Mon Nov 2, '09 7:21pm PST 
Akitas are genetically agressive? Exactly what documentation/legitimate research is this idea based on?
I have owned and trained 2 Akitas myself and am awawiting arrival
of a third purchased ,not old enough to leave it's mother. Both of my other akitas,love kids and truly enjoy playing with them.
As far as other dog agressiveness,my Akita was recently attacked twice once by a golden retriever,once by a greyhound mix,both attacks took place when the other dogs came in my yard and behaved agressively toward her. She has gone many places with us and played nicely with collies,labs,boxers and even a puggle.
She has been well socialized and well trained,a simple command of leave it usually stops her from doing anything not permitted such as chasing squirrels. I have always purchased from breeders who breed for good temperament the breeder I am currently dealing with takes pride in her well socialized ,gentle tempered dogs and she has a pack of 6 akitas,2papillions(sp.) and 2 rotties with no agression issues.If the theory that akitas are born agressive were true the 2 smaller dogs would have been dogfood long ago,The Akitas would look like they just came out of a pit fight and the rotties would be in similar shape or dead. and I who met the Mother of my pup all of twice for about an hour each time would never have been permitted to pick-up and take from their mother pups less than 24 hrs.-old.Some of the photos I have which dispute this theory are here on dogster. An Akita in the right hands is no more agressive or dangerous than any other breed. Notice I said in the right hands!!!

As long as they- think they're- the boss
Barked: Mon Nov 2, '09 7:32pm PST 
I just posted the last post. If you'd like to see the photos
Mika's dogster#1002944
Kai's dogster#1048766
Kai's baby picture was taken when he was less than 24hrs.-old
and I am holding him.
The little peeps on Mikas page are my 2and4 yr.-old grandchildren.
The collie and puggle both belong to members of my family.
Just thought you might want to see the "genetic agression of an Akita for yourself.


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Barked: Tue Nov 3, '09 1:06am PST 
You are very right about aggressiveness being a behavior and not a genetic trait. Akitas are bred for their loyalty to their family and making important quick-snap decisions if anything were to happen to their family or home (it's one of the wonderful things that sets them apart from other breeds). Akitas in general like people....not always love...but like. They are very close to their family but can be wary of strangers. Akitas are fearless and will 100% undoubtedly defend thier family and home. I've seen many akitas and have yet to find one aggressive one. My Akita happens to love people she's intorduced to. ...trust me....the Chihuahua I'm fostering is far more a threat to the everyday person than my akita is.

It's like any other breed of dog with fearlessness, drive and power. If they are not trained correctly or if brought up in such a way to promote aggressive behavior then yes....you will have an aggressive dog.

How many breeds are there that are claimed to be these horribly aggressive breeds...lets see

German Shepherds
Cane Corsos
Pit Bulls
Sher Pei
Bull Dogs
Presa Carnario

I can tell you right now....I've met everyone of these breeds excluding the Jindo on more than one occasion and I have yet to see an aggressive dog out of this list.

The dogs that have been aggressive and have bitten me or my co-workers:

Welsh Corgi (their very weird about their feet)
Jack Russells
Cocker Spaniels
Springer Spaniels (a friend of mine had to have reconstructive facial surgery after grooming one of these dogs)

"Don't worry, be- happy!"
Barked: Wed Nov 4, '09 1:45pm PST 
I think I got through to this classmate of mine. Its amazing that people spew out misconceptions such as what I mentioned, presenting them as "facts." It's not surprising that people will believe dumb thing like "pit bulls have locking jaws" (or is it, on the grounds that its surprising that people will believe these misrepresentations presented as "facts")
I wrote the first post during class, after class I talked with him again. He asked, if I had the option of walking into a room full of goldens, or a room full of akitas, which would I walk into. I said I'd probably have more fun with the akitas- but his scenario is totally irrelevant... I hate how people dont think that goldens, labs, and (as you mentioned) springer spaniels... cocker spaniels (my friend needed stitches after being bitten by a cocker in the face- he's afraid of "little dogs"). My parents have a dachshund who is friendly to the average person but she'll bark at anyone who's coming into the house- we were having furniture delivered and the furniture guy saw my two larger dogs (50lbs, 35lbs) and was fine until he saw the dachshund- said those were the only kind of dog he's ever been bitten by!
Yet, somehow, dobermans, rotties, "pit bulls," akitas, huskeys, etc are taking the bad rap.

I found this website and emailed it to the guy... http://www.happypitbull.com/basics/temperament.html I hope that clears some things up for him!!

(And I hope nobody here thought that I was the one with these crazy, unfounded conceptions of akitas!)

Face kissing is- my favorite!
Barked: Thu Nov 5, '09 8:43am PST 
OH....and if he ever brings up bite statistics.....ask him how many people reported small dog bites? I think Chihuahuas would dominate that list. 80% of dog bites reported are from large breed dogs...just because the little ones don't have the power to do serious damage....it doesn't mean the intent isn't there.

As long as they- think they're- the boss
Barked: Thu Nov 5, '09 4:16pm PST 
I agree with you,little dogs in general do less damage but,
seem to me for whatever reason to bite more. I've been bitten by a
chi,a poodle mix,a poodle and a doxy. I have a great-nephew frightened of all dogs who was bitten by a cockerspaniel and a
grandson bitten by a cockerspaniel. As far as I know they are not on the list of agressive breeds and I haven't seen anyone try to ban them.

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Barked: Fri Nov 6, '09 5:00am PST 
The dog that caused me to be afraid of dogs most of my life was a dachshund (sp) too lazy to look up the spelling. Yes, a little hot dog bit me when I was young. Now look at me with my male akita! I can actually stand in the middle of a dog park with dogs running all around me. I can take control of my baby, Sabre when I need to. He's just a big goofball anyways.

Maybe I would say genetically "alert". Sabre didn't even know how to bark at cars passing our fence until his german shepherd friend taught him. He tries to drag me to meet people that we pass by on walks and he wants to play with every dog he sees. He has regular playdates with 4 different dogs.

Barked: Fri Nov 13, '09 12:49pm PST 
Kona is a little "possesive", she does not like strangers touching her baby (our daughter Winry) . I would never classify her as aggressive, however if they are not socialized they are dangerous JUST LIKE ANY OTHER BREED!

Please see her photos with our daughter on Kona's page!way to go

Barked: Sun Jan 10, '10 4:03pm PST 
Some breeds are prone to have certain traits. Akitas do have a tendency to be dog/ same sex dog aggressive, but this does not mean that they are all aggressive. I have had my Xena since she was 6 weeks old and while she did have some issues with other ADULT female dogs, she has gotten over it. We have had other dogs, ferrets, chinchillas, birds, snakes, frogs, iguanas and a host of other small animals and never had a problem with her being around any of them. (One of the chinchillas was her best friend!). It is all in how you raise and train them. They are fiercely loyal to their humans and will protect you from anything, but in a very quiet way. They are not big barkers at all, so if anyone tries to get into your house, they may get in, but they aren't sure to leave without getting a BIG surprise in the form of your dog!
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