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Barked: Sun Oct 4, '09 1:37am PST 
New to here and new to GSP's. Had dogs all my life but when we moved to Prague last year we rehomed our old dog in the UK as we did not know what our living situation was going to be like. 12 months on our lives couldn't be better and I have more time than ever to spend with a dog. My 4 year old daughter was bitten by a dog in May and has become extremely wary and I don't want her growing up fearful of dogs. She loves our new puppy and the puppy loves her. GSP's have a good reputation as family pets and are great with children. I have horses so I can offer her plenty of exercise so, she won't be confined to the house for hours on end. Baira is 4 months old. She is incredibly intelligent and quick learning. We have almost got the house training sorted although she still has a few accidents but we've only had her 1 week tomorrow so that's to be expected. She walks to heal and sits on command and yesterday I let her off the lead for the first time. She was fine and came back to my side when called. But, I know if she sees a rabbit or something i'll not have a chance and she'll be gone like a shot. Need to install the "leave it" command before i'm totally comfortable with her running free. All in all our first week with her has been great and i'm looking forward to being able to take her out with me when I ride. Kam

Barked: Sun Oct 4, '09 5:19pm PST 
Welcome! Once you have a GSP, you will probably always have a GSP. They are a fantastic breed. You are right, they are great with kids. I grew up with our first GSP and we've had one ever since. I cannot imagine life without one, or two, or three. laugh out loud

I'd be very careful about letting her off leash. Teaching the "leave it" command is an excellent idea, but your dog should also have a solid recall. Most GSPs will take off after small animals and some have such strong drives (like my girl, Cali) that they won't even hear you calling them to come back! It's not impossible, but it will take a lot of hard work and consistency.

You have a beautiful dog. Good luck with her and if you have any questions, let us fellow GSPs know!
Sophie Grace

Barked: Sat Mar 27, '10 6:51pm PST 
I love the post--once you have a GSP, you will always have a GSP. I think that will be true for us as well. We bought our 1st one just 4 weeks ago and she is already such a HUGE part of our family. Every decision we make--down to where to go for vacation and what new SUV to buy--she is factored into now. She is so loving and such a perfect addition to our family. Now, if we could just get her to stop picking on our cat....After a few years I think we will look into a GSP resuce pup.