My dog won't poop outside

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My 2 1/2 yr old dog, SweetBee, refuses to poop outside. I just moved into a new apartment at the end of July and she has pooped once outside. I used to work at a dog kennel so she would poop there, at my parents house or at the dog park. I quit the kennel and i can't afford to drove across town everyday to the dog park or my parents house. She'll poop inside when i leave her at home which she didn't used to do. I'm not sure what to do about it and I don't have a crate for her anymore because I didn't think I needed it. Any suggestions on how to get her to poop outside?

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Take her out and wait....it'll happen eventually big grin
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I would reconsider the crating for now. At this point, it's no problem for her to just poop inside. She can poop in one spot and then hangout in another spot far, far away from the stinky, nasty poop. If she is crated, though, she will naturally have more of an inclination to hold it until she can poop away from where she is laying. I'd give her ample opportunity to poop before leaving her alone in the house, then crate her while you're at work, and then give her ample opportunity to poop as soon as you get home. Until she gets it, this may mean several long walks a day. Also, sometimes increased exercise stimulates the bowels, so consider tying on the running shoes and going out for a jog. I have found that dogs who are initially hesitant to poop on lead just need to get over the initial hump, and then they're fine. If you eliminate the opportunity for her to sucessfully poop inside, I think this will only take several days.


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Exercise, exercise, exercise.

If your dog is not using the bathroom outside, continue to walk, run, play until they are ready. Often it is simply too much energy to focus on "the task" at hand.

It seems that your problem is not as much familiarity with surroundings but that your schedule has changed with your recent move and your dog is not getting as much attention, exercise or socialization.

Dogs are naturally outdoor, social animals.
Exercise more and your dog will return to normal, well-trained behavior.

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Thanks everyone for you advice! I definitely think more exercise would be a great benefit, she really does need more one on one time because her brother bothers her incessantly when we're outside because he wants her attention so I'm going to try to take her out more on her own. Unfortunately I got rid of her crate because a friend needed it annnd I tried putting up a baby gate so she's in the kitchen (at least it's tile wink ) buut she pees in there anytime I do it because she's mad at me for penning her up. I mean we'll go outside for 20 min. and I'll leave for an hour and she'll have peed all over the floor. I'm just going to try to give her more exercise, and more frequent/ longer potty walks! Thanks everyone!

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A mistake a lot of people make is to take the dog outside to potty, wait until it potties and then hurry back outside. This is actually negatively reinforcing going potty outside.
What you could try- and this goes along with what Oscar said, with which I agree wholly- is to wait until she potties and THEN take her for a five minute walk- or ten or twenty, however long you have time for. Gradually, she'll learn to potty outside.