What breed is my puppy?!?!?!?!

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(Orca's picture)This is Orca, the people that we got her from said her mother was a Saint Bernard, but that they had no idea what her father was... Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

(Tail picture) Her tail sticks out & shoots down like in this picture, but only when she's at rest, otherwise it's up & curled toward her head or wagging like crazy, haha.


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Omidog! What a LOOKER you are! I may be biased, tho'

I have no idea what your daddy was, but you're gorgeous. Very houndy/cur to me (but that's what I am).

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Whats- black&white &- the cutest ever?- ME!
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Thanks! We though she looked like she had Pit Bull or boxer in her, but we want to get other's opinions.

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She looks like a newfie mix: http://www.pupcity.com/images/adpics/06134123926511_1.jpg
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Maybe American Bulldog? Possibly pit, but her ears look a bit large. Maybe some dane? Her paws are huge! I bet when she gets to be about 6 months it will be easier to tell by how she starts filling out height and girth-wise. One thing is for sure, she is absolutely adorable!!!! I love that picture of her sitting next to your dane...cloud 9 she is TOO cute!