Why Dogs Should Be Indoors (No Excuse)

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Shepherd Savior.
Barked: Sat Jul 18, '09 9:25pm PST 
This is a very opinionated and heartfelt post. I've been feeling the need to express my opinion on the matter lately... maybe posting one of my journal entries will do the trick. If you have a family member or parent or room mate who doesn't allow your dog in the house, give them this... maybe it will change their mind.

On May 28th, as you know, God (if you exist, I question it every day)- I lost my beloved dogs, Jake, Joey, and Nari to ethylene glycol poisoning. You took them away from me. One day they were here, and the next, you ripped them from my grasp and forced me let their soulful eyes melt into lifelessness and put them in the filty ground. Once again in life, my soul was taken away from me. Ripped away.

All because,

I left them out in my fenced, out of sight backyard while I took a shower- they were unsupervised. I did not keep them inside and safe as usual. I thought they would enjoy the fresh air. I didn't think anything could happen to them. We have a fenced in yard, they aren't barkers, and we don't live in a terrible neighborhood...

But the worst happened. Someone came into my yard and gave them antifreeze, a killer- when ingested by any living thing.

I noticed them acting funny, "drunk", drinking a lot, and urinating excessively- so I took them to the vet. It only took about a day for the ethylene glycol to shut down their kidneys. And I had to euthanize all three of them. In one day.

Being the victim of Dogster's biggest known tragedy wasn't what I expected- I got so much more support than I could ever imagine... but the pain lingers on, and as many cards and gifts as I may recieve... none of them will bring my babies back. Losing my dogs has made me stronger in some ways, but in many other ways it has made me weaker- and I will always live with guilt.

Would you like to live with guilt?
I feel like I contributed to my dogs' killings every day...

All because of one mistake.

I left my dogs outside.
It was not the norm, but I did it because I thought it would be okay "just this once".

Now let's think if all the dogs owners in the world made that mistake... that's a lot of hurt, poisoned, stolen, beaten, burnt, skinned, fought, shot, escaped, lost dogs in the world. And it's a known fact that dogs need to be around their family. As many excuses as one makes that they get plenty of attention in the backyard, they don't get the same type of socialization and attention an indoor dog gets when it's inside and interacting with the family.

And if one just hates to have their dog in the house, or the dog chews? Why not resort to crating or locking it in one room like I did? The dog doesn't like being inside? Well, kids don't like eating their vegetables... that doesn't mean they shouldn't eat them. The dog's too hairy? It's called a brush and shampoo. Use them. Dog not trained? Obedience classes! So easy a caveman can do it!

There's just NO excuse why dogs should be outside... and although my dogs weren't normally outdoor dogs... I left them outside for only the shortest time unsupervised... and I lost all of them.

So God (if you're up there) please keep all those outside doggies safe, and change their crazy owners' minds. No dog deserves to go through the pain, illness, poking, and prodding mine went through before they died. Every dog deserves to die old and peacefully in their sleep. And no owner deserves to feel to guilt... that I will feel for the rest of my life.


I hope this will change someone's mind out there... I have to say that having your heart broken feels better than feeling constant guilt... and no dog should ever be left outside...

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Cuddling,- walking, food,- it's all good.
Barked: Sat Jul 18, '09 9:42pm PST 
...and we owners, we are human. All you did was make a human mistake, as all of us have done, I know I have. You can hurt for a while, you have that right, that sad priviledge. And then , then you hold to the good memories. And walk your today dog.

google Marc- Emery!
Barked: Sat Jul 18, '09 9:53pm PST 
oh gawd. That made me cry.

I've never left my dogs outside unattended (We don't have a fence so that's a big part f it) because of the neighbor kids. ONe dog was a biter and Holly's a herding breed. I don't want them to chase down a kid and bite them. I don't hink it ever occured to me that it should also be done for their safety....

Someone did this to a pit puppyi n our area a couple years back. The person was actually throwing rat posion into yards that had pit bulls in them.


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Gone, But Not- Forgotten.
Barked: Sat Jul 18, '09 9:55pm PST 

Shepherd Savior.
Barked: Sat Jul 18, '09 10:08pm PST 
I do have great memories... but I have a hard time remembering them when the pain pushes them away. Or the tears start to flow.

And although some people live in "safe" neighborhoods, there are bad apples. Sometimes people get crazy off of the things they do and do bad things... it happens. And it sucks for the victims. You never know when that day could be until it comes. Don't let it happen to you...
Czarka, CGC- UJJ

Why walk when- you can run?
Barked: Sat Jul 18, '09 10:50pm PST 
Just be sure to recognize that you were in no way responsible. This was an act of profound evil... an act against Spirit or God, if you prefer. Ando, you make sure you take care to bring that bit of Spirit's joy to your family (it's what dogs do best) and be a great example of GSD! A good GSD is what Spirit meant dog to be. wink And you take care of young Ando... because Ando is a reflection of what is good and joyful in life.

Our hugs to you. hughughug
♥The- Brat- Pack♥-

This is just the- way we roll!!!
Barked: Sun Jul 19, '09 12:08am PST 
I originally started the post in Plus Friendly saying it was cruel to leave dogs outside. Everyone thinks I'm gross because I have 6 little indoor dogs. But they are strictly indoors they only go outside to play or potty.

Indoor only here!! wave
♥The- Brat- Pack♥-

This is just the- way we roll!!!
Barked: Sun Jul 19, '09 12:37am PST 
I'm am so sorry for you Ando, mommy and family. I am a very strict christian, I have always believed that "everything happens for a reason" until something like this happens. I know exactly how you feel.

I have lost dogs. But the only time I have ever taught that is when my best friend died due to a hospitalization error. Mixing two lethal drugs. Anyway I never had a father, my father left my mother when I was 6 weeks old.

Then through our church my mom met a man, Dave. When I was about 12 years old. The greatest man I have ever met. I always loved him like a dad. He was the closest I ever had to a dad. He always gave and gave never asked for anything in return. His entire life his goal was to help better people's lives and teach the word of God to anyone willing to listen. He told me everyday "Rachel, your god's best" then my mother and him got into a falling out and he starting drinking. He knew he needed help and went in to get help. The hospital was supposed to "fix" him.

Only to combine two lethal drugs that killed him. I have never felt more pain in my life. And to this day I still ask myself "why would God take the best person in my life away from me?" But I know he wouldn't want me to think like that!

I believe God needed him, and called him home. I suffer every day without my daddy. But I know he is indeed in a better place with no more suffering and he's living in paradise. In hard times it's easy to doubt. But I believe that is the time when you need to believe even harder and realize God did not take him from you those rotten people that poisoned them did. In essence Satan. Which is the same thing I had to realize.

Things like this should help us be stronger! You are NOT at fault and you and I both know they would not ever want you to think that. Your kids are running free in total bliss right now, be happy for them hug

Don't mess with- me!
Barked: Sun Jul 19, '09 2:20am PST 
Isn't it funny how one innocent little thing changes our lives. I'm so sorry.
hug You left your dogs in your yard for a short time. Who could possibly see this coming. It's the people who get a dog and never let them in their house that drive me nuts. Why did you get a PET! I bet this happens more than we know and we just don't recognize the signs

Black dogs rock!
Barked: Sun Jul 19, '09 3:54am PST 
I have felt for you ever single day since this horrible incident happened. I wondered how you were doing and was waiting for you to be able to post about this. This was no act of God, however you define him/her/it. This was an act of evil. There is a book written by a rabbi called "When bad things happen to good people" I read it a long time ago and I thought it was an excellent book. You did absoutely nothing wrong. hug

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