dogs having bad reactions to the LYME BOOSTER SHOT..

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#1 Princess- Diamond
Barked: Thu Jun 4, '09 5:41pm PST 
I took my 4year old MIN PIN (7pds and very active) Diamond, for her LYME BOOSTER SHOT yesterday. After her shot she was tired, but i thought that was normal. Around 6pm that night I noticed a golf sized bump on her lower back, where thet gave the shot. Also she was acting very lazy. This was strange and i called the vet. i was told to give her 1 "81mg" asprin and call the next day. My dog has this shot last year, and i didn't notice any side effects. All night she was extreemly tired, and lazy. Acting sick. The next day i saw the bump still, also she was not acting like herself. she wast excied for food, treats and she laided in bed all day. when i tried to take her outside she collapsed and ran back in to lay down. she will not sit near anyone and is acting hurt. i gave her another asprin and called the vet. i went in for a visit and they said she was having a bad reaction to the lyme booster. they gave me a liquid medican to give her once a day for 4 days and they said she will get better. now im homw with her and she is still acting so strange, im scared. she is sitting in her bed with her eyes shut facing the wall. she wont play or sit with me on the couch. let me know if you have experinced this.. i need hope that she will get better.. thank you
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Barked: Thu Jun 4, '09 5:56pm PST 
I'm so sorry you're going through this! I hope your pup is okay - you are doing the right thing by calling vet about this. If he's not feeling better I might even call another vet and get a second opinion. Our dog Sammy started having seizures after the lymes vaccination. The vet said it was probably a reaction from it. I have also found that it is not a real effective vaccine - my dogs still get the vaccine but they have all had lymes after being vaccinated. hug

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Barked: Mon May 14, '12 3:09pm PST 
Mom just Googled to see what kind of reaction could be caused by a Lyme booster, Dogster came up so we stopped by to see what other pups had to say. I had the booster about two and a half hours ago. I don't want to walk up the porch stairs or play ball with my furbro. He had the booster too and is doing ok. I just don't feel quite right and the shot site is sore. Mom gave me a 81 mg. baby aspirin and off to the dogtor I go tomorrow if I'm not feeling any better. Thanks, Diamond and Moxie, for posting. Interesting what you said, Moxie, about it not being a very effective vaccine, because I tested positive for Lyme's last year even though I was vaccinated. I haven't had a titer done. Our dogtor thinks I should still have a booster, just in case.

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The lyme vaccine tends to cause lots of reactions compared to most vaccines, most are harmless, but others can be fairly serious. Remember that any vaccine can cause a reaction as it is creating an immune response.

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Barked: Thu Apr 18, '13 4:47am PST 
Our jack Russell had his booster on Tuesday but has been very listless with constant chills...will not eat and just lays in bed..took to vet last night and he was given shot for pain and nausea but is still listless this morning and just lays in bed...I did get him to drink some skim milk but he will not eat. His left leg is stiff and he walks with it obviously sore...it was where he received the injection. I am wondering if others have had such a severe reaction and how long before their pet recovered...I will not have him get another booster in the future as he appears to be suffering too much.

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Had my 2 year old vaccinated 2 weeks ago for all standard shots, then 72 hours ago for Lyme. 24 hours ago, he had, what I believe to be a mild seizure. He's never had one before.. nothing since. Anyone else have this happen?