KIA'S Mom Needs Some Advice...

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Maggio- Sorrisi (May- Smiles)

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Barked: Sun May 31, '09 7:02am PST 
The adoptive parents of one of our former foster doggies, KIA, is asking for help with a couple of issues she's having with her little darling. I hope some of you are able to offer her some assistance. Thanks a bunch!

CHALLENGE #1: (Kia's mom & dad want to be able to leave Kia with their daughter, Karen, when they go away.) "Karen has a picket fence which is about 3 feet tall.

About 8PM they were in the yard and the next door neighbor was talking with my daughter over the fence and their dog was behind their privacy fence crying to come out of the yard. Mia and Kia were standing by the fence while the neighbor pet them when all of a sudden Kia jumps up (from a sitting position) and leaps over the fence. Thank goodness the neighbor grabbed her right away and they got her back in the yard. They weren't sure if she was trying to get to the fence and find out why the other dog was crying or if she wanted to be by the neighbor or if she would have run off.

Needless to say, I picked up Kia and she could not spend the night.

I was really upset thinking she could have run off and upset that we won't be able to trust her not to do that again at Karen's house, so we won't be able to leave her while on a trip until we figure something out. Our fence is going to be 4 1/2 feet high. I hope she can't jump that high or we are wasting our money..lol" (They are installing an aluminum fence around their acre+ property just for Kia).

CHALLENGE #2; "Kia has begun to resist coming inside after I take her out in the yard for her potty time. We still don't have a fence, so we need to walk her on a leash. For the last few days she goes outside but when we are beginning to walk inside, she tightens up and won't budge an inch to enter the house. She sits and no matter how many treats I offer her, no matter how much kind coaxing I try, she sits like a mule and nothing can move her. I have had to actually pick her up and carry her inside. This seems to happen after I get dressed and take my shower...I think maybe she associates me getting dressed and taking her out and putting her in the cage because I am leaving the house.
She is OK in the morning when we get up or late at night for the last outing. Or maybe she is mad that I am not taking her in the car for a ride. Any suggestions????"

They love little Kia to pieces & they've been so kind to open their hearts & homes to a rescue dog, that I wanted to try to get them some help.
Thanks very much!

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Barked: Sun May 31, '09 6:10pm PST 
Doesn't anypup have a helpful approach to Kia's fence jumping and aversion to going inside the house?? shrug

I keep jumping the fence at my foster home too. it's a 5 ft. fence & my fosterparents don't know what to do either.thinking

Don\'t Reyna Me- In
Barked: Sun May 31, '09 7:01pm PST 
Well..With the aversion to going in the house, I would say to not just take her back inside immediately. I know that sounds like giving in to her, but I've heard of dogs learning to "hold it" so they can stay outside longer. Since she cannot be outside off-leash, they need to make her time out there as enriching as possible: playing, jogging, etc.
Thats JMO.

Maggio- Sorrisi (May- Smiles)

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Barked: Mon Jun 1, '09 3:14pm PST 
Thank you, Reyna. smile
Teddy Bear

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Barked: Thu Jun 4, '09 10:51am PST 
We were recently told about a "no-jump harness'' that restricts the dog's front leg extension, allowing enough extension so that she can run but not enough to allow her to jump a fence. Has anyone tried one of these & do you have an opinion?

More advice would be appreciated.
Rally Pood

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Barked: Thu Jun 4, '09 10:58am PST 
If Kia were mine, she definitely wouldn't be going outside anywhere without someone going out to watch her, no matter how high the fence might be that's surrounding her. She'd be on a leash, and later on a light long line. We would be working on fun recall games all over the yard and even in and out of the house. To learn how to play I suggest Leslie McDevitt's "Control Unleashed": http://www.controlunleashed.net
Teddy Bear

Never met a lap- I didn't like.
Barked: Fri Jun 5, '09 7:53pm PST 
Thank you, Pood. way to go I'll pass your info on to Kia's mom. hug