Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

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Barked: Fri Apr 24, '09 2:42pm PST 
Why do people euthanize their animals? I will and would never euthanize my animal. I will always treat them as human and if they were human the doctors would do EVERYTHING to save them or give them the best life until they do pass. I am sorry but that is my view on euthanization.
~Angel (RIP- 11/20/07)~

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Barked: Fri Apr 24, '09 3:21pm PST 
Well I hope you are never put in that position. If I had not let Angel go (and it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life), she would have starved to death. She had lymphoma. She had stopped eating, was throwing up even her water. She was constipated and could no longer go to the bathroom even with laxatives from the vet. She could not take a walk outside without stumbling. I would never want to suffer the way that she was and I had promised her that I would not let her suffer a day longer than necessary. If you think letting your baby starve to death and/or die from the toxins unable to leave her body is more humane, then that is up to you. I chose to send her off with some dignity.

I am the Keeper
Barked: Fri Apr 24, '09 3:22pm PST 
I have given several of my friends a peaceful passing. and will do it again.
I will not let them suffer in pain or waste away. I would much prefer they pass on thier own, but sometimes that is to long and drawn out

I would be all for granted a human the same thing if the law allows.

but yo have a right to your beliefs

from the human


Barked: Sat Apr 25, '09 6:19am PST 
I like to treat my animals as human when it comes to medicine and such. If the law changed where you could put humans down I would put my animals down when it comes to that. They have hospice care for humans. If they were in pain at that time I think Euthanization would be the best bet. If it were allowed on humans I would allow it on my animals.
Elmo- (1996-2009)

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Barked: Sat Apr 25, '09 8:42am PST 
I've actually read that some places are starting to do hospice for animals. With Elmo, we just tried to let him go natural on his own. My other dog Barron died a month and a half before and he went in his sleep from Cancer and we just wanted that for Mel but it just got to the point where he could barely stand up, could not keep any food down and lost a ton of weight because of it. The poor thing was starving to death. To each his own. He went peacefully and that all I could have asked.

Queen Of The- Universe
Barked: Sat Apr 25, '09 11:14am PST 
Wow okay think of it this way. Your dog is very old. His/her organs are shutting down one by one in their body. They cannot even get out of bed they are in so much pain. There is no way this dog is gonna come back from this.

So you would let your dog feel the SEVERE AGONY instead of ending their pain? To me that is pure and simple SELFISH on your part.

I have a Lab/Saint Bernard mix who was hit by a car. She had such severe head trauma that her brain was swelling. She had multiple broken bones and a punctured lung.

What should I have down? Let her die a slow painful death where she was crying out in pain. Or give her a shot to end her pain while I hugged her and kissed her and sobbed. Atleast she was in no more pain.

I just don't have any words. confusedconfusedconfusedshhshhsilencedsilenced

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Barked: Sat Apr 25, '09 3:26pm PST 
No one WANTS to euthanize their dog, sometimes you just don't have a choice. We all wish our loved ones would just pass away in their sleep, but that rarely happens, at least never for us. There comes a time when you just can't stand seeing them suffer so terribly, when they can't walk or eat or are gasping for air. Believe me, if it was me, I would much rather be given an injection and go peacefully versus gasping and suffering. I watched my mother gasping for air at the end and believe me, it is terrifying not to be able to do anything but watch her suffer!!! It 's the most difficult decision we have to make, but at least we can be there, hugging them and stroking them and they can go in peace. cry
Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

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Barked: Mon Apr 27, '09 4:48am PST 
As Maizy said, no-one wants to euthanize their beloved dog - it's not a decision any of us make lightly believe me. It is one made of compassion for the one we take care of. They give us the trust in their lives to make it the best we can for them. We have the trust to make sure they don't suffer. I would not wish suffering on anyone or my family or my furbabies. We are able to end the suffering of our furbabies if we have to and in a completely humane way. Some people wish it was legal for people too and maybe one day it will be. But to watch a beloved pet suffer pain without being able to tell you where they hurt, without them being able to understand what is wrong, without being able to take away their pain is an unbearable thing for me to comprehend and I would not put any animal through that just to watch them die a horrible, paintful and protracted death. I wonder if you could actually do that to your dog especailly when you vet is telling you it is the kindest thing and in your heart you know it too?
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Barked: Mon Apr 27, '09 10:07am PST 
If my family could have legally assisted my grandmother with passing on from this world, we would have. Watching her suffer relentlessly for two years while the cancer went through every bit of her body was wicked. There was no way she ever would have recivered at her age, and she was forced to endure unmeasurable pain for the last years of her life.

I've never had to euthanize any of my dogs, but God help me, if the time should come, I will do so.
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Barked: Mon Apr 27, '09 10:47am PST 
I was in the same thought process as you 9 years ago. There was no way I would ever have euthanized one of my babies. When it was their time, God would make that choice. What if I was wrong...

Then Kody died. I watched him suffer. I watched as he struggled to get his last breath. I saw the pain and fear in his eyes. I heard the last beats of his heart as his lungs filled with fluid and he drowned in his own body. I promised if I could prevent that from happening to another, I would.

Then I had to euthanize Grizzly, Astro and Sammy. It was hard, but their passing was so gentle. None of that stuggle only peace.

I could not help Bernadette. She died after traveling 2 hours to a specialist. She suffered. I never got to say goodbye.

When the time comes, you make your decision, but know that with death always comes regret. Could I have done something better? Something to stop the pain?


I have a friend that works in hospice. If it were legal, there are many MANY people that would chose that for themselves rather than to suffer. Humans have no choice.

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