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Caspie the- friendly pommie
Barked: Tue Mar 3, '09 12:24pm PST 
Hi every fur… my name is Casper and I am a one year old Pomeranian that is suffering from a rare heart problem called SEVERE PULMONIC STENOSIS.

It’s a rare heart problem that both Humans and us K9’s can suffer from.

When I was 7 months old I had a heart operation done (a balloon angioplasty) to correct the problem, but sadly the scar tissue in the pulmonary valve had closed off what has been corrected. I am in need of another operation, a second chance at life. My mom has created a support group here in Dogster for me, please join my support group to find out how you can have a heart for my heart:


Pulmoni c stenosis is a congenital narrowing in the region of the pulmonary valve, which lies between the right ventricular chamber of the heart and the pulmonary artery. As part of the normal circulation of the heart, the right ventricle pumps blood to the lungs to receive oxygen. The oxygenated blood goes back to the left side of the heart from which it is pumped out to the rest of the body.
With pulmonic stenosis, there is partial obstruction of normal blood flow, most commonly due to a malformation of the pulmonic valve (pulmonic valve dysplasia), but the abnormality may be immediately above or below the valve as well.
The effect of this partial obstruction is to force the heart to work harder to pump blood to the lungs. The extent to which a dog will be affected depends on the degree of narrowing (stenosis) of the valve area. With severe stenosis, the dogs will likely develop congestive heart failure due to the increased workload of the heart. The hemodynamic consequences of pulmonic stenosis are the development of right ventricular concentric hypertrophy (enlargement) and reduced filling of the left ventricle. The right ventricular concentric hypertrophy causes reduced right ventricular compliance with reduced distensibility.
Mild to moderate stenosis can be monitored, severe needs a operation… or your pet had a life span of 6-12 months left.

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Barked: Tue Mar 3, '09 12:35pm PST 
You are asking for funds for a dog you bred?

You own the mother and father, correct? Have you contacted the owners of both sets of grandparents, made them aware of the issue, and asked for help with the funding of the surgery? That would be by first step.

Caspie the- friendly pommie
Barked: Tue Mar 3, '09 12:58pm PST 
Dear Megan, Casper was a part of a accidental litter that i had between both my dogs, right before i had them fixed.... i did not give up any of them because i mothered them all and grown close to them, i've contacted both families... none have any heart issues...
his heart issue is rare for a Pomeranian .... the vet told me it's like striking the lotto...

and yes i've asked for help.. i told them even a dollar would help, however not everyone has compassion for Casper...
but i have many wonderful Pals here on Dogster that are very supportive ..


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i am bossy!!
Barked: Tue Mar 3, '09 1:03pm PST 

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I also answer to- 'Pretty Girl'
Barked: Tue Mar 3, '09 1:11pm PST 
wave Please join us in Have a Heart!! It is a great group...supportive of all of our pals....

Have a Heart

☆Mickey- Mouse☆

Wheres the- Mickey?
Barked: Tue Mar 3, '09 1:47pm PST 
hughughughugCasper and familyhughughughug

I'm so sorry you and your family are going through something like this.

We will be keeping you in our hearts and our prayers.
Brandy III

I Love- Life!
Barked: Tue Mar 3, '09 5:21pm PST 
Keep fighting Casper, you're going to be just fine, the Power of the Paw never fails.


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Pappi *Angel- in Heaven*

Momma's- Angel
Barked: Tue Mar 3, '09 6:14pm PST 
Stay strong Casper. Lots of love to you and your familyhughughughughughughughughughughughughughughug
Angel Nikki

Brandy III is my- husband forever- now.
Barked: Tue Mar 3, '09 6:54pm PST 
Hey Casper..... You are in our daily prayers around our house.

We know you will be just fine.

Brittany- "Bee"

Napping is- GOOD...
Barked: Tue Mar 3, '09 8:14pm PST 
We are sending big hugs and sloppy kisses your way Casper. And we are hoping you feel better soon...XOXO, Brittany and mom
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