what is the best water for dogs

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I have been giving our dogs spring water for a while now. Our tap water has the maximum amount of fluoride allowed and I read about too much causing cancer in dogs. So I come to find out that fluoride is added in some bottled spring water too shock . So what about distilled or purified water? Is there anything in them? I'm so confusedconfused

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Distilled water is considered "dead" water to some people, because all of the minerals that are naturally in spring water are taken out. Dogs and people can benefit from the minerals in spring water. If you are using regular spring water that should be fine. When in doubt, use the same water you would use for yourself. way to goway to go

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The only way to get fluoride out of water that has it added is through reverse osmosis.

Next to ground water (from a well) I'd say the best drinking water is cleaned/treated/purified rain water. No chlorine, no fluoride, no nothing provided it's properly cleaned. It sounds scary but there are many treatment processes that clean it. You could even do solar water disinfection.

If it doesn't rain much in your area that wouldn't work. Here is an overview on water treatment processes. Here is an overview on the different types of bottled water.

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you can go to your building cener and get a reverse osmosis filter for undre the sink the are expensive but when you think of how much you spend on bottled water its worth it .this will give you and your dogs a good clean supply of water .
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Pure glacier runoff from a high mountain stream that has been untouched by human hands...

The water in Flagstaff, AZ has no added fluoride... and the stupid doctors up there prescribed a fluoride supplement for me to give my daughter. I politely told them where to stick it. Fluoride is an excess chemical the government has stockpiled, and is actually a poison. There are natural fluorides, as are found in avocados, that are good for you. If you ever look on a tube of toothpaste and see the fluoride source, compare it to the fluoride source in Tom's of Maine toothpaste... it's very different.

I agree with the reverse osmosis to remove fluoride. My dogs drink hose water, and lake water, and stream water, and right now they're eating snow... but I recently read an article in Dog Fancy (I get all the old copies of pet magazines free, I have a friend who distributes and collects them) that said people are giving their dogs bottled water to reduce chemicals. What a lot of people don't realize is there are different qualities of bottled water. For example, I know for a fact that Crystal Geyser is bottled at the source, I've driven past their plant many times in the middle of nowhere on the 395 that skirts along the bottom of the Sierra Nevada mountains in CA. Fiji water is also genuine, is bottled at the source from a natural aquifer.

Aquafina, dasani, and some of those others are basically tap water that has been bottled and labeled.

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Bottled water that has flouride in it will have the amount on the label. At least it does in canada. The amount in bottled water are usually not that high either. So if you are already giving him bottled spring water then you are most likely fine with that. Each brand of springwater will have an ingredients list which will show whether their is flouride and how much in parts per million or parts per billion.

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We have a reverse osmosis system in our kitchen, it has it's own faucet (I think it's called a spigot?) and we use that for both us and the dogs, including cooking. We also have a water softener, so for us, the reverse osmosis was the only reasonable alternative to bottled.. Plus, here in Las Vegas, our tap water is HORRIBLE so it was well worth the money. The reverse osmosis works great and the one we have has a 2 gallon tank that sits under the sink, that way water is always available. Plus, the water tastes better than just about all the bottled waters... and it doesn't have all the extra crap in the water that's bad for you here (they have actually found arsenic in the water here!)....