JUST brought home a boston!

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Barked: Fri Jan 30, '09 9:34pm PST 
hey everypaw! dad just brought home a 7 month old boston terrier (mom calls them BLT's) and he doesnt seem to like me much. all i want to do is plaaaay, but he just shows his teeth and growls. moms really sad, she loves bostons but i am first adopted and hold a very special place in the household. so basically, if he cant warm up, hes going to have to go to his original home. does anyone have any suggestions on how we can make this transition easier and help the little BLT see i just wanna be friends?
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Barked: Sun Feb 8, '09 4:20pm PST 
Try leaving little BLT in his crate for awhile then you can sniff him
I did not like my new brother Topper much either, Mom thought I would eat him, soon I kinda like him. Maybe just give each dog their own space for awhile.

Good luck

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Barked: Mon Nov 23, '09 11:05pm PST 
Yeah, you definitely have to give your new brother time to adjust. I just came home three weeks ago, and I'm very friendly. When my mommy introduced me to my new friend, she was very careful and did so in small doses. Eventually, I really liked my new friend, and now we play all the time! The cat is still afraid of me, though...