URGENT: My 9 week old puppy is vomiting.... Why!?

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Barked: Mon Dec 1, '08 1:29pm PST 
He just started vomiting last night... He threw up 3 times in a 2 hour span. Then he slept fine all night, acted normal all morning (he ate, he pooped twice and drank water and was extremely playful) and then he threw up yet again today at 1:00pm. He's still acting normal. He's still playful, he's still eating and drinking water. And his poop is normal. I know vomiting is a sign of pravo.. He's only had his 1st set or Parvo shots, he's due for the 2nd this week. I'm not sure what the problem is. Is it likely he has Parvo? Or maybe a belly ache? Or the puppy flu? I already called my vet but they want to examen him for an extra 55 bucks + any meds he needs, and I just forked over 235 bucks for his lil puppy package. I need some advice before I go broke! What are the chances of this being Parvo? I know how serious the virus is, but my gut is telling me he would be suffering from the other symptoms if he had it. Thanks

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It might be nothing serious, but I wouldn't take that chance. Take him to the vet- $55 is a small price to pay for your pup's health and your own peace of mind. Nacho (a fellow chihuahua, only considerably older) has had sudden vomiting a number of times, and we took him to the vet each time to make sure it was nothing serious. Only one time was it serious, but I'm glad we took him just to be sure. With such a small, young pup, you don't want to take any chances.

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2-hundred and whaaaa for the puppy package??? And an extra 50 what??? Sounds like you need a new vet. confused My puppy package was like 100 less than that. And I'd only be charged 20-30 extra. But, either way, 55 is STILL a small price to pay for your pups health. Meepster and Precious threw up a few times before their second set of puppy shots and it was nothing. They were perfectly fine after the second set. So, it might be just that; nothing. But, it's better safe than sorry.


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UPDATE: He didn't throw up alll day, up until about 30 min ago. He threw up a whole 4 pieces of food... I noticed the pieces were whole... Apparently he wasn't chewing some of his little pebbles of food. Do you think this could be the problem? I'm going to the vet wednesday... I also think maybe he ate something he shouldnt have. But I don't think he's sick... his behavior is sooo normal. He never looks or acts sick. Is that normal? Help!

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Hi not sure if you figured out what is bothering your puppy. But have you changed his food? When I tried to switch Maddie's food too quickly she threw up a lot I ended changing her back and starting the transition more slowing and she hasn't thrown up since. Also if you are feeding too much food at one time try giving him several small meals so that they don't inhale there food. Maddie tends to inhale her water and then vomit some of it back it up. Hope this helps

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Sorry, didn't mean to post here..laugh out loud

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